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  • Originally posted by phlysac View Post
    I'm thinking there's alot of revisionist history going on.
    Not really revisionist history. That is pulled from one of Borat's posts about a 3 days before the 2008 draft. Most of us, and I know this for a fact, thought Groves was sure to be the pick because (and this isnt shocking) we though OLB was a top priority, with FS a close second.

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    • Balmer says he coming back, but Singletary sounds fed up.

      Looking fwd to Dan Brown's article in tomorrow's Merc News........


      • Originally posted by phlysac View Post
        Campbell - Those that I remember professing their love for him thought he would be drafted to play OLB.

        6'8 310 OLB


        • Yeah, I agree that most of us expected Groves but I wanted Phillips because if he was still on the board when the Giants picked, I knew he was going to be their pick (which he was).

          Excluding Mayo who's a stud for the Patriots, everyone on that list sucks even though Phillips was good as a rookie and is expected to come back this season. He's already been medically cleared to return. Hell, even if Phillips has to retire without ever playing in a regular season game again, he's still done far better than Balmer.

          Enough said.


          • Originally posted by dan77733 View Post
            See.....................................I told you guys that Balmer sucks and was a waste of a first round draft pick. I said it day one and like Brent was pissed off we passed on FS Kenny Phillips for him. See ya you piece of crap.

            As for the 2008 NFL Draft, let's see -

            Balmer - HUGE BUST
            Rachal - will hopefully be a starter this season
            Smith - solid depth
            Wallace - hasnt done anything but he's cheap and with injuries on the OL, I would keep him
            Morgan - easily the BEST of the 2008 draft
            Grant - cant really say one way or the other as he was never even given a chance
            Who is going to unseat Rachal? He's been holding down his performance pretty well and last time I heard is having a decent camp and his job isn't in danger.

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            Originally posted by Borat
            Oh, my bad. Didn't realize SWDC was the pinnacle of class and grace.


            • Glen Coffee missing from practice:
              MaioccoCSN No word from 49ers or Glen Coffee's agent on why he is not here. doesn't sound good.
              49ers camp is starting to turn into the "Junction Boys".


              • They got a roster spot exemption for Balmer:


                And signed Will Tukuafu, UDFA from Oregon vis the Seahawks camp to fill in.


                • Balmer is AWOL and Coffee retires. What the **** is going on at this camp?

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                  • Hmm, it's Anthony Dixon time! :)
                    "Not only is Polamalu the best player in the AFC North, but I feel he's the best defensive player in the entire NFL. No defender in the league combines world-class athleticism, smarts, fundamentals, natural football instincts and the knack for big plays better than Polamalu."


                    • Don't you need to have a career before you can retire?
                      The Brian Sabean sig is no more. I disagreed with you on so many levels. And then you went out and built a dynasty. I am lame.


                      • Originally posted by fenikz View Post

                        6'8 310 OLB
                        It was a stupid idea even then, when he weighed 282 at the Combine!


                        • lol wtf is going on with 9ers draft picks


                          • I'd put out a warrant for Mike Nolan, wherever he is.


                            • This team is a freaking mess right now, no sugarcoating it.


                              • I posted this in another forum and think it belongs here also...

                                Originally posted by phlysac

                                Obviously there has been alot of mention regarding Brian Westbrook and Marshawn Lynch. Unfortunately, I feel that Westbrook's injury has kept him from getting a job and although I wouldn't mind Lynch, for what he'd cost, I'd prefer to ask the Bills about Fred Jackson.

                                With that said, the player that I hope Baalke inquires about is Cleveland Browns RB James Davis. He was primed for a successful stint as starter last season before he was injured and new GM Mike Holmgren loves "his guy" Montarrio Hardesty which puts Davis behind both he and Jerome Harrison.

                                Other players the 49ers should inquire about and watch the waiver wire for are these #3 or deeper RBs around the league. The majority of these players are roughly 220 lbs with a North-South running style...

                                I bolded the players I'm most interested in.

                                Buffalo Bills
                                Joique Bell
                                Fred Jackson
                                Marshawn Lynch

                                Thomas Clayton

                                Joe McKnight
                                Chauncey Washington

                                Willis McGahee

                                James Davis

                                Mike Hart
                                Javarris James

                                LeGarrette Blount
                                Stafon Johnson

                                Javarris Williams

                                Lonyae Miller

                                Andre Brown
                                Gartrell Johnson

                                Charles Scott

                                James Starks

                                Ian Johnson

                                Mike Goodson

                                Chris Ivory



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