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  • Did you guys see the article on Philip Adams? If not, it's a good quick read:

    I hope this guy can help us out this season. Whether it's as an extra man in the secondary or as a special teams ace. Seems like he might be a diamond in the rough. This draft class is shaping up to be quite something. Obviously time will tell, but I feel about good about the players we selected.

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    Originally posted by Borat
    Oh, my bad. Didn't realize SWDC was the pinnacle of class and grace.


    • That was a good read. Adams is very competitive and wants to be good and works hard at trying to accomplish that. I said months ago that despite the signings of Paymah and James that he would make the final 53 and he will. :)


      • Sing, once again, not pleased with Nate Davis:
        Originally posted by Matt Maiocco twitter
        QB Nate Davis will be topic of conversation when it comes to final cuts, 49ers coach Mike Singletary said.


        • Woohoo!!! We beat the Chargers in SD 17-14. Granted, its pre-season and doesnt really mean anything but we went 4-0 and im just happy that we won some games are for the most part, consistent. Hopefully, the team can ride the momentum throughout the regular season as the NFC West is ours for the taking. :)

          Anyway, with the final pre-season game over and done with and with no injuries as far as I know, below is my final 53 player roster.

          QB / 3 - Smith, Carr, Davis
          RB / 7 - Gore, Westbrook, Dixon (R), Robinson
          FB / 8 - Norris
          WR / 13 - Crabtree, Morgan, Zeigler, Ginn, Williams (R)
          TE / 16 - Davis, Walker, Byham (R)
          C / 19 - Heitmann, Baas, Wragge
          OG / 22 - Iupati (R), Rachal, Snyder
          OT / 25 - Staley, Davis (R), Sims

          DT / 27 - Franklin, Jean-Francois
          DE / 31 - Smith, Sopoaga, McDonald, Mitchell
          OLB / 37 - Lawson, Haralson, Brooks, Laboy, Briggs, Davis
          ILB / 40 - Willis, Spikes, Bowman (R)
          CB / 45 - Spencer, Clements, Brown, Paymah, Adams (R)
          SS / 47 - Lewis, Mays (R)
          FS / 50 - Goldson, Smith, Taylor

          K / 51 - Nedney
          P / 52 - Lee
          LS / 53 - Jennings

          WR Jason Hill traded to MIN for 5th round draft pick
          C Cody Wallace traded to JAX for 7th round draft pick

          Practice Squad

          QB Brown
          FB Miller
          WR Guillory
          WR Jurovich
          OG De La Puente
          OT Boone
          DT Tukuafu
          CB Brock

          NOTES -

          I didnt see Hill on the stat sheet against the Chargers so im assuming that he either A) didnt play or B) played but did nothing and with rumors going around that he might be traded, I decided to send him to th Vikings who all of a sudden have concerns at WR. The personal foul penalty against Wallace against SD sealed his fate (if it wasnt already) and since the Jaguars are short on centers, giving up a 7th rounder for a cheap backup for two years could turn out to be a good deal for both teams.

          Due to the injury to Heitmann, have Baas and Wragge as the top two centers. Baas and Wragge can both play OG and C while Snyder and Sims can both play OG and OT which is why they all make my final roster over Boone and De La Puente who make the practice squad. With two first round draft picks invested at OT in the last four years, I dont see Boone ever being a starter unless injuries pile up or Davis flops which I honestly dont see especially with Singletary around.

          Decided to keep Mitchell over Evans because he can play both DE and NT plus is younger, cheaper and has a bigger upside. Decided to keep SIX outside linebackers because Brooks is still injured, Haralson is okay/decent at best and Laboy, Briggs and Davis all played well in pre-season and quite honestly, better than anyone here including me expected. Because of that, Wilhelm gets released and while we only have one backup ILB, when Brooks comes back, he could always backup inside if necessary. I just dont think keeping Wilhelm over Briggs or Davis is a smarter move. Briggs and Davis are both far younger, played better and have a much bigger upside than does Wilhelm. Not only that but with the possibility of Lawson not being back in 2011, I would much rather keep Briggs and Davis so they can keep learning and compete for a starting OLB spot in 2011 if we let Lawson leave.

          Secondary wise, no real surprises. Adams making the roster doesnt surprise me because I said that he would make the final cut months ago. James either goes on PUP, IR or gets released with an injury settlement even though I think the PUP list is most likely what will be done. With Goldson and Lewis being UFA's in 2011 and Clements most likely to follow, I kept Taylor on the roster and moved Smith to FS since I think the coaches will groom both Smith and Taylor to replace Goldson and compete with each other in 2011 for the starting FS spot. Mays may crack the starting lineup this season but either way, he'll be a starter in 2011.

          The season ending injury to ILB Scott McKillop will definitely be missed but Briggs/Davis can replace him on special teams. If everyone stays for the most part healthy and Crabtree doesnt become an asshole, the NFC West is easily ours for the taking. The only ones that can screw us is ourselves and hopefully, that wont happen.


          • Davis played badly but did come back with what turned out to be the game winning TD. Davis hasnt even started his second season in the NFL yet so quite honestly, I dont believe Singletary when he says that Davis could be released. If he is, then, Singletary is a moron. You dont release a guy after one season especially when your starting QB is a UFA in six months and your backup was never good enough to be a franchise QB in his career. I think Singletary is just trying to get through to him but with three years left on his contract and only entering his second season, I would be pissed and shocked if Singletary actually releases him.


            • I could definitely see Sing cutting Nate in favor of a guy like Boone, who has put in so much work to improve himself over time. At this point, I could care less about Nate, if we have to go to the #3 QB during the season we are done anyways.

              Heck, if we have to go to the #2 QB we are done too.


              • I see Nate Davis making the inital cuts, and then being replaced on the 53 with a QB cut from another team.

                Dan, Jason Hill got poked in the eye by the defending CB trying to break inside on a slant route, and didn't return to the game. Zeigler significantly outshined him, making 3 amazing grabs (though two of them were out of bounds). If there is a roster spot between Hill and Zeigler, then say goodbye to Hill. If it's between Hill and someone else in another position, he has a small chance.

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                • And the Benedict Arnold Award for 2010 goes to...

                  Scotty Mac has taken a similar job with the Seahawks.

                  Yes that's right, in the same freaking division. Now Seattle has the most hated college coach from the state of California, Pete Carroll (ask the Trojan fans what they think about him now) + the most hated FO executive in the Bay Area.


                  As you can read here Kawakami kissed his butt multiple times in the course of the interview. I know journalists are supposed to maintain objectivity but this level of sycophancy is nauseating.

                  Not making excuses for Daniel Brown about whom most of you commented about Dan Brown's reporting earlier, but some context is needed here. I have to say that print journalists write to pls. their editors, the bosses who sign their paychecks, not to pls. the fanbases. In these days of newspprs. folding (no pun intended) left & right & sportswriters like all other reporters living in fear on not having a job next wk. I think that's especially true.


                  • Observations on the final preseason game:

                    Taylor Mays hit a home run wit that TD-saving INT. He keeps doingthat consistently & he will be the game-changer answer at SS that the 9ers have needed. Yes it was an underthrown ball by the Bolts backup QB but you can't quarrel with Mays, who was positioned perfectly & timed his jump exactly to beat the WR. I got a standing living rm. ovation from me, also the Aubrayo Franklin sighting in a uni, the last piece of the puzzle in place.

                    Dixon has earned the backup RB role & might actually be pushing for ORotYR. if he keeps it up with 48-yd TD runs, & more importantly running over people.

                    Alex Boone was looking so good, he dropped the required 20+ lbs of weight in like 2 wks. then he gets the holding call -- that's him in a nutshell, so much great NFL potential pissed away with alcoholism. He might never be anything more than a backup of PS player.

                    Ziegler wowed us with that circus catch, he had one ft. OOB though. He will make the roster, end of story, note both he & Singletary played college ball at Baylor in Waco, TX & that has to give Zig a leg up. The eyeball poke on Hill should have drawn a flag, it was a more serious injury than it looked, the optic nerve is the largest (thickest anyway, as wide as a quarter) in the human body attached the eyeball to the brain so when it gets tweaked excruciating pain & potentially blindness results. Hill s/b wearing a facemask screen from now on.

                    Nate Davis did not play well, but the INT was a tipped ball. I think he gets traded like Cody Wallace.

                    Wasn't paying too much attn. to Chilo last night, how did he do?


                    • Jason Hill, Brit Miller, Karl Paymah and Michael Robinson cut (off Barrows twitter)
                      Robinson said he was told he didn't fit what the 49ers were doing on offense. "That's all that was said to me and I didn't delve into it."
                      Still stunned they didn't keep Robinson on the roster for his ST. Thought he was a lock for that and he was a fantastic blocker on KRs.


                      • More cuts:Bruce Davis, Tony Curtis, JJ Finley, Khalif Mitchell, Kevin Jurovich and Cody Wallace.
                        Sad to see one of my bubble boy favorites(Mitchell) miss the roster but sounds like they will try to keep him on the practice squad. Nate Byham making the team wiped out a ton of guys on cuts.

                        Half way there 11 down 11 more to go. Believe I read somewhere that they will be watching the wire so could be another move or two after.
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                        • Wilhelm is gone too. I thought with McKillop being on IR, that he would make the team. Bowman has looked good, but there isn't as much depth at the position. They did play an OLB inside last night though.

                          Here are the cuts:


                          Boone made it and so did Wragge. Good depth for the O-Line. Losing Wallace (who only dressed for two games) will not be a factor, though he was a wasted draft pick.

                          M-Rob is the biggest surprise by far I believe.
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                          #thestruggleisreal with Tomsula in as HC after the "Harbacle"
                          Operation Pile Up Draft Picks for Re-Build: In progress, with much work to be done

                          "He who thinks he knows it all has the most to learn"


                          • I like that they kept Tramaine over Paymah, but surprised they kept Will James. Also, I'm glad to see that Briggs & LaBoy are staying. They didn't risk Boone or Curtis Taylor either, which is nice. Also, I am happy that Ziggy, Adams and K. Williams will stay with the team.

                            Robinson is a surprising cut but I suppose they felt that others held more weight, and I can't be mad about that. I expected Nate Davis to get cut, to be honest.

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                            • I don't see how Brock and James could possibly contribute more than MRob did, to be honest.


                              • I recall Paymah & Wilhelm getting flagged in preseason games recently, I'm sure Singletary remembered them too. It might be career over for both of them

                                Byham drew flags & made mistakes too but he was kept, IDK why.


                                Wallace never had a chance of cracking the roster at center imo unless there were injuries. Heitman has the job sewed up for life, he's a local player (Stanford), & a fan + Alex Smith fave



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