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  • Originally posted by TACKLE View Post
    How well did Taylor Mays play for you guys this year?
    Just like he did at USC... with about one good hit.


    • Originally posted by Rabscuttle View Post
      Just like he did at USC... with about one good hit.
      maybe his senior year because he was trying to make sure he didn't hurt his knee more than he already did, his sophomore and junior years he was a playmaker though. hopefully that ability will come through in the next year or so


      • Originally posted by Matt Maiocco
        from Jay Glazer: After meeting with Jim Harbaugh, Dolphins have decided to forgo that route and retain Tony Sparano
        so far that sounds like it bodes well for us


        • Originally posted by rainbeaukid2 View Post
          so far that sounds like it bodes well for us

          Looks like our biggest competition left is Stanford, or maybe the Broncos?

          Either way, i thought we were done for sure. :)


          • This Harbaugh guy is a piece of work. He's letting the Broncos chat in his ear and submit their "best offer" as well...I'm sure it's "out of respect" to Stanford alum Mr. Elway.

            With Luck going back to Stanford, I would say that they have just as good of a chance as the Niners.

            I wonder what turned the Dolphins away after they so aggressively pursued him. Perhaps they used the "our offer is only valid during our meeting" approach, and when he didn't instantly agree, the offer was off the table.

            If he loved the idea of the Niners job, he would have taken it by now IMO.

            I'm glad that the Phins seem to be out of it at this point as they were the over-bidders and we all know what happens when $ is a big factor.

            #thestruggleisreal with Tomsula in as HC after the "Harbacle"
            Operation Pile Up Draft Picks for Re-Build: In progress, with much work to be done

            "He who thinks he knows it all has the most to learn"


            • Too bad the timing with of Stanford's bowl game ending and Atlanta still being in the playoffs. This really hurts York/Baalke in negotiating with Harbaugh. He's holding all the aces and he knows it.

              Now if the vacancies all fill up and Mularkey is still available that may work out well for us. He should come at a more reasonable price and with a current NFL resume. He would seem to be a more sure thing as far as success goes anyhow. People need to Calm the **** down and quick acting like 13 year olds that didn't get to go to a Beiber concert.


              • Why do we gotta wait so long it he should know already by now.Any one got any news in site ?


                • Originally posted by dan77733 View Post
                  Now, that im done with my rant -

                  I would definitely 100% go after Gruden and try to save face while at the same time, getting a Head Coach who isnt a rookie.

                  After Gruden, Brian Billick would be second and if anything, I try to get Steve Mariucci or Dennis Green out of retirement. If none of that works, I go after Marty Mornhinweg because while I dont like him to be the next HC, I still prefer him over a defensive based HC.

                  *goes back to playing ESPN NFL 2K5*
                  *switches HC Singletary to Gruden*
                  *is happy in danland which is far better than crappy reality because unlike reality, I can control my 49ers my way in danland*


                  *waits for the straitjacket*

                  You know, not all former coaches who have experience make the best ones. They are out of a job for a reason. Dennis Green? Hahahahahahhahaha. There is nothing wrong with a younger coach you may not know much about, sometimes that works out for the better but as fans it makes it harder for us to get on board when you don't know much about the guy.

                  Originally posted by Scott Wright
                  I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


                  • Originally posted by Matt Maiocco
                    So with two different agents, who are not connected, working for Jim Harbaugh, it's now pretty clear why this seems so convoluted
                    obviously a reason as to why this has been so round-about


                    • 9ers may be set up for faiure with Harbaugh pursuit


                      From Tim Kawakami's colum this morning. Confirmed that the 49ers' offer was ~$4.5M, & last night while drinking lots of champagne with friends I hear that Stanford countered that with a raise to the $5M guaranteed range.

                      At which point the word from Jed York is "We;re not getting into a bidding war," per the alleged Fins offer of gazillions thrown at Harbaugh. And they have NOT yet fired Sparano contrary to popular belief, it is however believed that the Fins offer is dead in the water at this time b/c he';s rejected it.

                      The NFL throws their offers at him, the 9ers go all in with 2-3 in-person Jed York & Trent Baalke sitdowns with him, & Harbaugh can stand pat wth the proven winner he has established at Stanford ....

                      What's YOUR deal?? lmao!!!

                      What's Plan B? Billick? Gruden? Better hurry, Denver &/or the Miami Fins have already be knocking on their doors.
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                      • Originally posted by Adam Schefter
                        Jim Harbaugh is expected to agree to a five-year contract with the 49ers
                        exciting day to be a niner fan, hopefully we now have a coach that can turn everything around


                        • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHATS THAT SOUND? THAT'S THE SOUND OF JED YORK NAILING IT!!!!!!!!!!!

                          I am fired up about this. Great day to be a 49ers fan.


                          • Congrats if Schef's tweet is true. I think he'll be a great coach.


                            • First smile from this 49ers fan in a good while. Relieved its over. Let's get to work now Coach!


                              • Jed York pulled through after all!

                                Woohoo excited to see who he is going to bring in at quarterback.



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