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  • MaioccoCSN Matt Maiocco
    49ers have announced press conference, and Jim Harbaugh is RIGHT NOW at the 49ers headquarters.
    It's on!!!

    #thestruggleisreal with Tomsula in as HC after the "Harbacle"
    Operation Pile Up Draft Picks for Re-Build: In progress, with much work to be done

    "He who thinks he knows it all has the most to learn"


    • AdamSchefter Jim Harbaugh's five-year deal with the 49ers will be worth $25 million.
      Fantastic job by Jed York and the front office not budging from 5 a year.


      • now that Harbaugh is coach, how about bringing Mangini as DC, and trading for Josh Johnson??????


        • a quote from clayton

          "the niners played this one perfectly"

          god, who would have thought?

          according to NFL live as well, Harbaugh is already shopping around for an OC, no candidates are known yet though.

          it will also be interesting to see if he changes up the defensive coaches as well, whether he brings his staff from stanford including Fangio or whether he goes out and chooses from other NFL assistants
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          • -Convince Luck to come out
            -Mortgage the house for the 1st pick
            -Draft Luck
            Cowboys Mock:
            1. Myles Jack | LB | UCLA
            2. Vernon Butler | DT | LA Tech
            3. Karl Joseph | SS | WVU


            • This is going to sound very strange coming from a 49er fan, but I wish Harbaugh stayed at Stanford. This has nothing to do with his ability to coach.

              He was the #1 candidate on my own personal list, but for some reason I love seeing loyalty from coaches at the college level. I don't know why, but I enjoy watching a coach build a program out of nothing or return a fallen power back to relevance like Harbaugh did at Stanford.

              If Harbaugh stayed at Stanford he would be a legend at the school. He would be known as the man that brought them back to the top 25, to a BCS blowout win, and most importantly, the man who turned down big time NFL money to stay with a program that he loved.

              Even though I hate Ohio State and Jim Tressel, I can't help but respect both the school and coach for both displaying incredible loyalty. In this age of manic coaching changes, which is becoming as prevalent at the college level as it is in the NFL, loyalty is a thing of the past.

              With that said, San Fran has a bright future ahead of them and I look forward to seeing the finished product next season.


              • Trade for Josh Johnson, do it!!! Then draft Gabbert and take your time with him.

                Originally posted by Scott Wright
                I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


                • TEARS OF FREAKING JOY!!!! What a great way to start my afternoon from a good meal now this news!!!!Only we had our selves a good QB of the future.


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                    • hopefully this means more NFC west domination, we know that at least the seahawks are ours in the next couple of years


                      • Let me guess: Dan will find about 10 different things to be upset about.

                        Hey Dan! You owe Jed an apology, you jackass.
                        The Brian Sabean sig is no more. I disagreed with you on so many levels. And then you went out and built a dynasty. I am lame.


                        • best news all day even on pay day friday!!!

                          straight jacket is going back to the closet.

                          now please focus on quaterback / manning up the offensive line / getting corners who finish the play until the whistle blows ( yea, u shawntee ) / get a pass rush..thanks jim!


                          • Originally posted by Borat View Post
                            Hey Dan! You owe Jed an apology, you jackass.
                            Haha, I love you guys.

                            Also: I didn't see we signed him until there was about a minute left in my last class. I felt that was reason enough to leave 10 minutes early.

                            Pick the Winners Champion 2008 | 2011


                            • I went to go workout because I've been so stressed (MTTC test tomorrow + Our Coach search)

                              I COME BACK AND THIS IS WHAT I GET!!!!!!!!

                              Let's get this ball rolling.

                              Happy Dan? :)
                              Originally posted by Babylon
                              It's called Karma for all the years with Montana and Young.


                              • Well done to the FO, we got him for less than what the Dolphins, Michigan, and Stanford were offering. Jed walked a tight line with this but he comes out of this looking like a genius. Well done, and finally we will have some offensive continuity.



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