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  • Amidst reports of Nate Davis gaining weight during the 2010 offseason, I'd keep him on a very short leash if he gets re-signed.


    • Nate Davis couldn't learn the Jimmy Raye playbook...


      • Originally posted by will99890 View Post
        far enough down that the contract shouldn't be outrageous.
        even the #1 pick wont have an outrageous contract. there is no way that CBA allows any pick to make the kind of money they would have in the past. and even if the draft occurs before said CBA, no pick will sign before the CBA is finalized.

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        • honestly, with how spikes played this year, we don't even need to replace him. over the second half of the season, it could be argued that he had a better year than willis did. especially with the maturation of bowman, i think we are solid at ILB for the foreseeable future.

          i agree with your CB analysis though, although I don't know if I'd try to dump both our starting corners, clements but maybe not spencer. I guess i'm just not a huge fan of just throwing rookies out into the fire, although I guess at corner the differences between the college and pro games aren't as enormous.

          However, I do agree with you 100% about the passrush, this has now been a need for multiple years and for some reason, throughout multiple drafts and FA signing periods, is never addressed. The fact that we run a 3-4 and our sack leader is a DE is ridiculous, there is no reason that we should not be able to have someone who is feared rushing off of the edge, no reason at all.

          Besides QB though, the number 1 position/s that i want to see addressed is the defensive secondary. We showed that we could get pressure on opposing QBs, not necessarily sacks but definitely pressure, our guys just aren't very good back there


          • Originally posted by will99890 View Post
            I don't see Bowers, Green, or Fairley making it to our pick barring some crazy stock plunge so I won't discuss them.

            I love picking at 7 this year. Close enough to the top to reach an elite talent that slides a few picks, but far enough down that the contract shouldn't be outrageous. I could see Robert Quinn, Marcell Dareus, Prince Amukamura, or any of the QBs being possibilities at 7, with an outside shot at Patrick Peterson sliding due to his position. I won't have a problem with any pick, unless it's a QB not named Newton.
            who knows what harbaugh thinks though, if he doesn't think newton can flourish in the type of offense that he wants to run, or think he is coachable or whatever, I'd much rather go with a QB that he feels confident in.

            I'd love to see us end up with Amukamura, although I doubt that happens, and I'm not sure that the new management will see OLB as such a huge need as to take Quinn to play a position that he's never played before, at least I'm guessing that UNC doesn't run a 3-4


            • Would love to get Robert Quinn. He reminds me so much of T.Suggs.



                Tom Gamble, director of pro personnel, will become the team's director of player personnel. Gamble has been in the NFL for 23 seasons, the past six with the 49ers. He has worked for nine playoff teams -- five with the Indianapolis Colts and four with the Philadelphia Eagles. After the promotion of Gamble, the 49ers plan to hire an experienced NFL executive to serve in a senior football advisor role.

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                • Originally posted by ViperVisor View Post
                  The #1 problem. The right side of the Line SUCKED

                  Not updated to counting the 2 sacks from the final game.


                  Problem is that who gives up a sack is very subjective. If a right tackle lets someone by him and the QB has to roll to the left and the man the left tackle had locked up at the LoS ends up getting the sack, is that the left tackle's fault? I know for a fact that Chilo was responsible for more than 4 sacks this year, tbh.


                  • updated mock:

                    1. prince amukamara -cb

                    2. aaron baily - de/olb

                    3. pat devlin - qb

                    4. krisopther o'dowd - c

                    5. amhad black - s

                    6. clint boling - ot

                    7. chris rainy - wr/pr/kr

                    7. justin boren - g ( via shaun hill trade )
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                    • I dont think we need stats to tell us that the lone looked like ****.

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                      • with asomugha becoming a FA, i can't even imagine how awesome it would be to somehow convince him to come replace clements, that would give our pass defense immediate ups


                        • Originally posted by chapo123 View Post
                          updated mock:

                          1. Prince Amukamara -cb

                          2. Aaron Baily - DE/olb

                          3. Pat Devlin - QB

                          4. Kristopher O'Donnell - c

                          5. Amhad black - s

                          6. Clint boling - OT

                          7. Chris Rainy - wr/pr/Kr

                          7. Justin Boren - g ( via Shaun Hill trade )
                          This a almost very nice mock. However, I think we need to stick a Qb in the first round .I love Black and Rainey for a kick return guy and 3rd string HB if needed that dude has mad speed . Also I feel picking up an extra guy in the 4th either Stanzi or maybe Dalton would be a better pick up just my thoughts there on QB but we need pick up the in the first round if we do .


                          • i haven't heard/seen much of Devlin, but what I have heard is that people are just pegging him to hopefully be the next Joe Flacco, although he is nowhere near the prospect that Flacco was. I'll be interested to see how his offseason workouts and such go to see whether he shoots up draft boards as Flacco did. Otherwise, I feel like he may just be a small school kid not ready for the big time, let alone to lead a franchise


                            • Originally posted by Tebowfan85 View Post
                              WhatWouldBillyBajemaDo? ,
                              I don't want Newton on our team already has had enough drama and crap since TO .He just screams like drama .I think Bills draft him any how so don't have to worry there.I see us either drafting Locker , Stanzi or maybe Dalton in the 4th round which I think is where we see SF taking a QB .
                              I am more concerned about the lack of passing attempts on the field than I am about the off field drama stuff.

                              Curious why everyone wants to wait so long to draft a QB? Every year we complain about the QB situation, during the season, and then as soon as the off season begins nobody wants to make an investment into a QB.


                              • Anyone know the cap space situation with 49ers? Would loooooooooooooooove to see the 49ers throw as much money as possible at Nnamdi Asomugha.



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