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Pick #4 Conundrum

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  • Pick #4 Conundrum

    I would post this in the draft thread, but I really want to add a poll to this and I'm sorry if it goes against the rules (I kinda got in trouble in the Bills forum for doing the same thing). Now that I got that out of the way...

    Who do you think will/should be the pick at four? For a while now I've assumed that Eugene Monroe would be a lock at #4 (with Stafford, J. Smith, and Curry being gone), but now I am wondering. Sanchez seems to be doing VERY well in the offseason and to me he would be a good fit in SEA. I assume that the Seahawks will get back to their winning ways soon, and there might not be a better time to draft a QB if they do start winning again. Am I way off in thinking this, or is a guy like Monroe, Orakpo, or possibly Crabtree a better fit?
    Mark Sanchez
    Eugene Monroe
    Brian Orakpo
    Other (Please Specify)

    The poll is expired.

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    I say the pick is Monroe until the Seahawks decide to tip their hand. This offseason has been classic Ruskell in making sure that if he wants, he can do whatever he wants with this pick.

    Personally, I think that whoever they choose is going to be someone who sits for a year or two while the player they are drafted to replace retires or goes out with an injury. If you are paying big money to a player who is sitting, you want him to be a cornerstone for your team, and both Monroe and Sanchez fit that billing.

    The surprise pick may be another DE who is a sack specialist, so Orakpo could be the choice there. I really have no idea, but my best guess for #4 with the value that is there would be Monroe.

    Unless they manage to trade down, which then opens up a completely different bag of worms that would likely allow us to draft a player(s) whose value fills more immediate needs.
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      That is exactly my thinking. I think that Seattle may have become one of the most interesting top 10 pick now amid all of the Sanchez rumors. But I still think that Monroe would be the better pick (but I really like Sanchez as well) because I'm a firm believer in building your lines first.

      However, I've heard that Locklear might be a replacement at LT... Would that be something to consider?


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        3 choices for me:

        1. Trade the pick

        2. Take a Tackle, then a developemental type QB in the latter rounds like Stephen McGee or Rhett Bomar

        3. Draft Mark Sanchez (take a Tackle in round 2), i will add if you expect to return to being a good team next year you may not have the chance at a blue chip QB like Sanchez for years to come.

        I'd go with #3.


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          I think that they are going to go LT and possibly take a QB in next years draft. IDK if they are still running a WCO but I think that they could get a great WCO QB in next years draft, even if they aren't picking as high.



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