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Your ideal depth chart at RB

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  • Your ideal depth chart at RB

    Who do you want to see starting? I'm quite tired of JJ and Duckett and I believe they're both washed up. Although I've never seen Roehl play and I hear he took some reps at FB, I would pencil him in as the day 1 starter right now. He has the A40 just outside of the average for a RB drafted in round 1, and he seems like an ideal guy for the ZBS. Then I would have Devin Moore as the third down back and change of pace back. He was one of the top 3 pass catching backs in this draft, and his speed and hands would be great to have on 3rd down.
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    I really want to see Forsett get a chance still. He had his flashes last season. I can't wait to see what Owen Schmitt can do as the starting FB, I want to see that Beer truck play full time lol.

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    too bad the Sea hawks are starting Hasselback and not Whitehorsest (sp)They are gonna loose any ways .



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