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    Originally posted by Calubflower View Post
    I'm curious to know if anyone is feeling grouchy about Deion Branch being traded. I, for one, am not.

    Why would we miss him he's been useless for quite some time, seems like it's a revolving door with some of these draft picks.


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      Deion Branch is the epitome of a bad deal.

      Regardless of his abilities, he was never healthy enough to produce.

      I'd rather have our first rounder back...
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        Originally posted by Babylon View Post
        Don't like it. Pete brings in guys like Leon Washington, Charlie Whitehurst, Lendale white and now Lynch ... count me out with most of these moves.

        I kind of had this thought of yours in mind. Too much wheelin' and dealin' makes me a little nervous as well, but I think getting a 4th for Deion Branch is a pretty sweet deal, especially in light of the fact that the Pat's just traded away Randy Moss for a 3rd.


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          I like both deals... it was essentially Lynch for Branch...
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            A 4th for Branch was a great deal at most i thought we would get a 6th or 7th Stokely can put up the same production as Branch imo.

            Love the Lynch move to if he can act civil hes had 2 years of 1k rushing yards behind the Bills o-line i bet he could do that for us not going to say he will but he could.

            Also so far it looks like Pete hit in the draft i haven't seen Okung but so far Thomas looks better then Berry in my eyes 3 INT also people have been saying he isn't a very sound tackle but hes been wrapping guys up when given the chance when i watch the Hawks.

            Mayocks a pretty good talent evaluator to he had Thomas over Berry but i am seeing alot of Asante Samuel the way he moves to the ball lol.

            So glad to be rid of Ruskell and Holmgren these guys didn't know how to draft 1st rounders 8 out of the 10 1st rounders we drafted over the last 10 years 8 have never mounted to anything.
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                Is anyone else still cautious about this Seahawk team?

                I mean yeah, we're 3-2 which is awesome, but I just don't feel like this team has a legitimate shot at the playoffs, or at least we shouldn't. Don't get me wrong, I want them to win every game, but I kind of expect them to lose more games than they win...

                Anyways, Marshawn Lynch...yeah, he was amazing today even though his stats don't really show it. It was nice watching a RB who forces other teams to respect him. And just getting back to the line of scrimmage on some of those runs was awesome.

                Okung, did a really good job on Peppers. I know he had some help on some plays, but when he was 1 on 1 he still stopped him from getting to Hasselbeck.

                Mike Williams is a crazy mismatch for most DBs. I would love to see the Hawks use him more.

                I know I'm probably missing some other people who stood out today, but oh well.
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                  The way they used Justin Forsett in that game was just about perfect.


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                    1st of all we got a win, and the fact that it was on the road is probably what i most happy about. It feels like forever since we've won a road game, i seriously don't remember the last time we won one on the road. I didm'y get to see the game but ive mostly heard positive things about the game. I heard okung looked like a stud today, im not sure if we gave up any sacks because i havent looked at the stats yet. Its about frickin time mike williams got the ball, i was beginning to think he was dead or something. Deon butler is niceeeee, ive loved that pick since day 1. Hass didnt throw a pick, so thats always good news. Forsett had a good game and from what i hear lynch looked good too. Lawyer milloy is beastin it, the guys really been a big part of our defense. I really wish that we would start throwing the ball to carlson some more, i heard he had a big drop but still if he can get it going i think that it could really open things up for us.

                    The position that i was most worried about for us in the beginning of the season was de but im beginning to think our biggest need is cb, besides qb. Trufant is a good cb but he will never get back to his '07 form. Jennings is average and thurmond is a rookie so the jurys out on him. You can create a pass rush without a great pass rushing de, but you cant really make a corner better without always giving him safety help.

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                      We gave up 0 sacks. That's awesome. Okung played lights out.

                      The Hester return doesn't bother me much. Chicago executed perfectly and the punt was so good that it actually backfired... thank goodness Carlson recovered the onside kick.

                      We outcoached them - badly. But we need to remember, the Bears were probably the worst 4-1 team ever. Still, a great road victory.

                      Here's what we've got left at 3-2.


                      9-7 seems reasonable. I'd be pleasantly surprised with 10-6 but it's not out of the question.

                      8-8 seems most likely and given the last few years, I obviously fear we'll fizzle out and end up under .500.

                      It is IMPERATIVE that we win this next game at home vs. Arizona for a few reasons.


                      4-2 just feels good. So would sole possession of first place.


                      4-2 just feels good. We cannot let Arizona get there and gain any confidence. Plus, we'd then be staring at a complete must-win game in a few weeks @ Arizona and if we lost that, we'd then go to New Orleans with little hope.


                      Division tiebreaker games may decide this division. If we go 4-4 against our division and say, St. Louis is 8-8 also and goes 3-5, we'd get in.

                      I'll give some optimistic predictions just for fun...

                      ARZ - W
                      @OAK - L
                      NYG - L
                      @ARZ - W
                      @NO - L
                      KC - W
                      CAR - W
                      @SF - L
                      ATL - L
                      @TB - W
                      STL - W

                      That would be 9-7... buckle up...
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                        switch New York and Kansas City results and I agree. Kansas City's D has looked really good this year, and coming off going to New Orleans is going to suck.

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                          4-2...holy ****.

                          Ugly wins are wins and now we are in firm control of the division.'s just kind of hard to process this right now...
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                          University of Washington Huskies: 7-6


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                            The combination of Marshawn Lynch and Justin Forsett, and the young receivers we've got in Tate, Williams, and Butler have me feeling really good about the Seahawks future. But against Arizona Hasselbeck looked like he was holding the offense back. He gets sacked too easily; he was really, really poor when it came to stepping up and avoiding the rush, and it was frustrating to watch. I'm starting to get curious about how Charlie Whitehurst would do. I'm not "calling for him," per se, but it just seems really obvious that this offense could benefit from having a QB who can escape and take a shot to Butler or Williams down the field, instead of dropping back...and immediately falling down as soon as a defender gets an arm on him. Just sayin'.


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                              A win is a win so im happy about that. MVP of the game is mare, the dude just doesnt miss and he is so underrated in terms of kickers, i loved the pick up when it happened. Golden Tate wtf is up with you dude, he has looked amazing at times and other times he looks lost and like he doesnt wanna be out there, plus hes being outplayed by brandon stokely. I still think hasslebeck gives us our best chance to win. I still hate the whitehurst trade because he is garbage, i never wanna see him be our starting qb. For some reason hasselbeck has started to notice that mike williams starts and plays wr for us, he was clutch on those 3rd downs for us that essentially sealed the game, plus the man has some nasty hands and he abused drc. I loved the lynch trade and i still do, him and forsett make a great 1-2 punch. Russell okung is a beast and makes our line so much better, without him the line was terrible. Lawyer milloy is playing pretty damn good for his age. Earl thomas is ****** amazing and walter thurmond played damn well this game, it wouldnt surprise me at all if he is the starter before the end of the season. Chris clemons is explosive, he gets off the line so fast, raheem brock and kentwan balmer also played well.

                              Just a couple more things: it would really not surprise me if we got rid of aaron curry. This regime has no attachments to him and they are not afraid to get rid of anyone, plus it just seems like he doesnt fit this team. Ill make this call now either curry or hill wont be with this team next year, thats just my opinion. Carlson is a good tight end and i simply dont understand why he is not getting looked at more, if you want him to block then trade him because we have 2 blocking te's and his best skill is at receivng. One other person is leon washington. Is he seriously just our kr? I know he is good but can we not get him involved on offense aslo?

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                                What happened to Marshawn Lynch yesterday? Only 9 carries for 7 yards? I didn't get a chance to watch any highlights, but there's nothing about any injuries. Did he just get benched?

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