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    Realistically, I like Brandon Harris in the first. I think I'm going to go with that as my optimistic prediction, for now. He breaks up passes like nobody's business, tackles well, has great speed.
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      Originally posted by Calubflower View Post
      Realistically, I like Brandon Harris in the first. I think I'm going to go with that as my optimistic prediction, for now. He breaks up passes like nobody's business, tackles well, has great speed.
      That's what I'm hoping for too. I personally feel that he's a better prospect than Prince and I would be very happy to have him in Seahawk blue next year.


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        I was looking at Scott's mock after I made that big post there, and he's got both the guys I mentioned, Cameron Jordan and Brandon Harris going in the two spots ahead of us. Of course, he also gives us Locker. If those guys are all on the board, who'd you want to pick? Brandon Harris, Cameron Jordan, or Jake Locker?

        I gotta say, though, I think Cameron Jordan could very easily be off the board in the top-20. Less sure about the other two. It wouldn't surprise me if Locker went top-15, top-30, or even went in the second. I don't think Harris will be on the board after the first round, though.
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          I like your writeup on draft needs. However I still think that we need an early DE, probably not a first round one though.

          Here is a great article about our pass rush this year. It shows that Chris Clemons is probably overrated and Raheem Brock is probably our best pass rusher.

          Pretty much the jist of it is that of Clemons 11 sacks, 64% came on blitzes while of Brocks 9 sacks, 1 came on a blitz. One thing to remember when regarding the percentages though is that he considered a blitz bringing additional people instead of where the pressure came from.

          And yes, I would love Cameron Jordan, Brandon Harris, or Locker. If it comes down to choosing between those three you have to go with the QB. Just from how much each position is worth, QB is way more important than CB or 4-3 DE/DT.
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            Sure. Except for the fact that Locker is the inferior prospect.

            All the rumors are that we'll be looking QB, which I think sucks because I don't really care for any of these QBs.

            I've seen a report linking us to Mallett, a few mocks with us taking Locker (duh), and a few with us taking Kaepernick in the first lol.

            I'd personally rather go CB in the first and then possibly take Locker or Kaepernick in the 2nd round (don't be blinded by homerism, it's VERY possible Locker slips like Clausen did).

            But if we pass on that position all together I don't think it will be "ignoring QB" more than making sound decisions based on evaluations. The Bills were ridiculed for passing on Clausen but would that have been a good move? Hell no. You have to be diligent and smart with QB stuff - you can't just take a guy because you need one.

            And next year we could win the division again. Hass looked as healthy as he's been in YEARS during the postseason. If we don't have a rookie QB waiting in the wings this season it's not the end of the world.
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              Correct me if I'm wrong...

              We have:

              Round 1
              Round 2
              Round 4 (Denver's from New England in the Branch deal)
              Round 5
              Round 5 (Baltimore's from Josh Wilson)
              Round 6 (Detroit's from Lawrence Jackson)
              Round 7 (Cleveland's from Seneca Wallace)
              Round 7

              We traded our 3rd for Whitehurst, our 4th for Lynch, and our 6th for Balmer.

              Am I correct?
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                Quick first mock...

                Round 1: Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado
                Round 2: Davon House, CB, New Mexico State
                Round 4: Jerrell Powe, DT, Mississippi
                Round 5: Cecil Shorts, WR, Mount Union
                Round 5: Derek Hall, OL, Stanford
                Round 6: Ricky Elmore, DE, Arizona
                Round 7: Andrew Jackson, OG, Fresno State
                Round 7: Michael Morgan, LB, USC
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                  Locker is not the inferior prospect to Cameron Jordan or Brandon Harris.

                  In terms of pure potential in this class, it goes 1) Cam Newton 2) Jake Locker and then it doesn't even matter. Locker and Newton are physical freaks. Big, strong, fast. They are light years ahead of anyone else in this class as athletes. If they didn't have huge question marks regarding their accuracy(Locker) and system/father (Newton) they would both be top 5 picks probably going 1 & 3.

                  And lets be honest, Clausen wasn't anywhere near the prospect that any of the top 5 QBs in this class are. He also had a nasty attitude. The person I see closest to falling like Clausen is Mallet.

                  I know you don't like the QB's in this class, but we need someone to be learning under Hasselbeck this year. He has 1-2 years left tops, not to mention he's injury prone (hello freak back injury). QBs take 2-4 years to mature. Are you willing to have Clipboard Jesus continue being the QB of the future since we don't have anyone else capable of playing the position?
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                    Yes I am. And it's not because I love Whitehurst. I don't think Whitehurst is the answer.

                    I'm just not in favor of investing a high pick on a QB more so because we need one than because we believe he can lead us to the Super Bowl one day and is more worthy of the pick than the other players available.

                    I would take Newton and MAYBE Gabbert.

                    We all know how I feel about Locker but if you don't think there's a chance he falls to the 2nd round then I don't know what to tell you. He's gifted physically but you can't just ignore actual quarterbacking...

                    Jimmy Clausen might be an asshole but he was a far more impressive college quarterback and a superior prospect (considering most of his concerns came from personality issues and not so much actual performance, I'm not embarrassed to admit that I liked him a lot last year).
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                      Ok, lets put it this way. Is Locker more advanced as a QB than Tebow last year? Yes. Does he have the Tebow intangibles? No, nobody does, but Locker comes pretty close.

                      Am I saying that we take Locker immediately if he is there? No. I've watched him at Washington these last 4 years and the one thing that was obvious to me even when he was being touted as the #1 pick last year was his accuracy particularly on deep throws where he consistently overthrows his receiver. The one thing that scouts are worried the most about.

                      However this year, his receivers dropped a lot of balls. I mean everytime Jermaine Kearse actually caught one I considered it a minor miracle. Does that completely excuse his performance? No. But it does put it a little more into perspective.

                      Now back to the pick, I am not adverse to taking a 2nd round QB if there is a better prospect on the board at 25 than one of the available QB's. I just have trouble seeing it happening if Locker is on the board. The thing I actually see more likely happening is Locker going Top 15 and us taking one of the top CB's.

                      In fact I'm actually hoping that Locker doesn't make it to us for the simple reason that if he does stay in Seattle the expectations will be unreachable.
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                        Seattle Mock Draft (updated)

                        #25 a. Cameron Jordan, DE Cal
                        b. Brandon Harris/Jimmy Smith, CBs Miami/Colorado
                        c. Gabe Carimi, RT Wisconsin

                        #57 a. Rodney Hudson, OG Florida State
                        b. Ben Ijalana, OT(I like him better as a guard) Villanova
                        c. Ahmad Black, DB Florida

                        #98 a. DeMarco Murray, RB Oklahoma
                        b. Owen Marecic, FB Stanford
                        c. Marvin Austin, DT UNC

                        #153 Mario Addison, DE Troy
                        (I really like this guy. He's fast, explodes off the edge, gets good leverage under tackles and shows some strength at the POA. I'd be thrilled if the 'Hawks drafted him and let him compete with Chris Clemons for the LEO spot. He's a little bit like a small-schools version of Von Miller, perhaps, but I think he actually looks more physical. Watch him against the big schools at Oklahoma and South Carolina.)

                        #154 Darvin Adams, WR Auburn

                        #168 Chykie Brown, CB Texas

                        #198 Tyrod Taylor, QB Virginia Tech

                        #217 Andrew Rich, SS BYU
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                          I LOVE Jordan, hate Love and think we should pick at least one corner before pick #168. I like Adams and the Addison kid intrigues me as well...
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                            Basically, I'm figuring that I've got cornerback covered with my #25b options, because I really don't think Cam Jordan is going to be on the board when we pick. What's wrong with Love? He's got everything you want physically. I'd be tempted to move Addison up a pick if it wasn't for the fact that in our case this year, that equates to about two rounds. I've watched that Youtube video several times, and I like everything I see there. For only being listed around 250, he's not a bad run-stopper at all, and you can see that he was disrupting those SEC offenses. He definitely wasn't just putting up his stats against Sun Belt teams.
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                              What do you guys think of bringing in Kevin Kolb? Say we trade our first rounder to the Eagles for Kolb and their third. Or something.


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                                Originally posted by Calubflower View Post
                                What do you guys think of bringing in Kevin Kolb? Say we trade our first rounder to the Eagles for Kolb and their third. Or something.
                                Absolutely not, I would hate that. Lets keep our first and get a good player.

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