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    So with one preseason game in the books, I thought I would post some thoughts on the first half...
    • Starting off with a penalty on special teams was not the first impression I was hoping the unit would make. That being said, I thought Derek Stanley showed some flashes as a return man, but it's going to be hard for a WR/KR to make this roster with a lot of talent at the receiver spot and Dante Hall basically a lock to return on special teams.
    • Bulger looked on the money except for the interception, which was basically a pop fly tip. But other than that he was accurate and made good decisions, and I don't think he took any major hits.
    • Adam Carriker looked like the real deal tonight. He could have done a better job collapsing the pocket against the pass, but he was all over the place defending the run. He got the better of Matt Birk more than once and generally held his ground very well. He seemed to be around the ball quite a bit.
    • About a week ago, Torry Holt said his knee was at 70%. Either he's now healed completely or he's good at hiding the remaining discomfort, because he was sharp tonight. His first catch - a 13-yarder against Cedric Griffin - was a nice crisp route near the sidelines that looked about as textbook as you could get.
    • Ron Bartell looked shaky as a starting cornerback tonight. He gave up big plays to Bobby Wade twice, playing off of Wade during the route and then whiffing on the tackle as he closed the gap. Maybe he needs to get the rust out, but I wasn't confident in what I saw in the first quarter.
    • Brian Leonard looked a little jittery at first, but once the second team was in he did well. His night can probably best be summed up as a mix of a couple short gains combined with a few nice bursts, one for a touchdown. He looked completely comfortable as a receiver out of the backfield as well.
    • The pass rush seemed rather underwhelming, though that might have been due to a combination of Tarvaris Jackson's scrambling ability as well as the short and intermediate routes the Vikings were running. The jury is out for me, and I'm not worried but it's at least something to watch for in the later games.

    Like I said, didn't watch the second half so I didn't get to see many of the third stringers.
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    Rams are 1-0 in preseason :)


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      so guys, how sweet is Brian Leonard? now people out of New Jersey are witnesses... :D
      We ALL bleed scarlet
      New York Giants Super Bowl 46 Champs
      UNITED: I actually attend the college I root for
      Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
      BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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        the rams next game:

        Saturday (Aug. 18th) vs. San Diego Chargers
        7PM (CT) On CBS (it will be nationally televised)


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          Originally posted by scottyboy View Post
          so guys, how sweet is Brian Leonard? now people out of New Jersey are witnesses... :D
          he was very impressive in his Ram debut his stats:

          9 Car 36 Yds 1 TD
          5 Rec 30 Yds 0 TD


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            Originally posted by KCJ58 View Post
            the rams next game:

            Saturday (Aug. 18th) vs. San Diego Chargers
            7PM (CT) On CBS (it will be nationally televised)
            Sweet.. i'm gonna watch that..want to see some more of our backups including leonard.

            R.I.P Sean Taylor

            Thanks to Renji for the AVI


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              Some of my observations on the game.

              Our backup WRs, specifcally Hagans and the guy out of UW-Whitewater (shoutout to the UW school system) looked good on Friday, that is something I really liked.

              Lenord and Ferotte moved the ball well for the time that they were in. Something positive to see if knock on wood, God Forebid Jakson and Bulger were to go down.

              Our first stringers not only on offense, but on defense looked well. In fact, our defense won the game, not our offense, that is a rareity in St. Louis football. I know it was the Vikings and all that, but still 10 points is good.

              Brock Berlin was good, that is shocking. And Fitzpatrick clearly stunk. Did he complete more passes to the Rams or Vikings? Maybe this year, and not last year, we may have a race for the third string QB.

              Some concern:we didn't get a sack. We missed a lot of tackles in which we coulda had losses. Jackson and Thigpen had too much room to scramble. Obviously, Fitzy didn't look good, and god forebid, Bulger gets hurt, and Feortte can get hurt as well, we may need him. If we do, something went terribly wrong. Also, #77, whoever the hell he is was awful, if he makes the team, our OL is pathetic.

              And a question for people who know more than me, what does the starting offensive line? Pace is the LT, Barron is the RT, and Timmerman is a a guard. Who is the other guard and center. Is it Setterstrom and Incognito. And if not, who is?


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                Heres the Starting O-Line

                LT Orlando Pace
                LG Mark Setterstrom
                C Brett Romberg/ Andy McCullum yet to be decided
                RG Richie Incognito
                RT Alex Barron

                The guards may be the wrong way round but I'm sure this is it.


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                  Romberg and McCullum should be an interesting battle.
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                    why would you double post 35 min later also i think McCullum will be the opening day starter but Romberg will end up taking over


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                      Why is Incognito starting? Me no like him....


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                        how many rams fans are on NFLDC do we even have double digits yet?


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                          Originally posted by KCJ58 View Post
                          how many rams fans are on NFLDC do we even have double digits yet?
                          I don't know, but u, me, RIG, Freebirds, holtfan, Hawkeye Fan and nflfrillman are like 500 Rams fans rolled into 8.
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                            Originally posted by yodachu View Post
                            I don't know, but u, me, RIG, Freebirds, holtfan and nflfrillman are like 200 Rams fans rolled into 7.
                            Hawkeyefan is also a Rams fan so thats 8


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                              Originally posted by KCJ58 View Post
                              Hawkeyefan is also Rams fan so thats 8
                              Yes, I forgot about him. Sorry about that HF, I swear I did not do that on purpose. Its like 500 Rams fans rolled into 8.



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