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TYE HILL injured

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  • TYE HILL injured

    Oh no. Now we are in for a hard season. Hill is definitely out this week and I believe for the following week as well. He just can't be risked especially with broken bones in his back and ribcage. This does leave us with 3 corners Bartell, Walls and Wade. Apparently Vinnett will be called up from the Practice Squad and a TE, DE or RB will be cut to make room.

    Pisa is looking more and more like he is out which I actually think could be good as Draft will man his spot and to me Pisa is a bit overrated.

    On the brighter side Drew Bennett will make his first regular season appearance.

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    Well crap. At least this is coming against the 49ers who are relatively weak at WR. This could have been very bad if it were a Cardinals game.

    I am done arguing, until somebody says something stupid.


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      it said hill is out 4-6 weeks on
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        Linehan thinks 2 weeks at the least. But the way he is coaching and Greg Olson is calling plays I ain't taking their comments all that seriously.

        The playcalling against Carolina was so bad the coaches lost us that game not just the players.


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          Now that they've factored Hill's broken ribs into the equation, they are in fact saying 4-6 weeks.

          When it rains, it pours.



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