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Soo, Umm, Was That Football???

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  • Soo, Umm, Was That Football???

    So, based on what we have seen thus far, how many games do the Rams win? I say 5 or 6 wins. Is Scott Linehan the worst head coach in the league? Quite possibly. Is the play calling incredibly baffling? Definitely. Is everyone on the offense doing more than their fair share to cripple the team? Well, Dane Looker hasn't screwed up a game for us yet. What position do we draft with our top 5 pick? LT out of Michigan, DT out of LSU, linebacker, or DB???

    I am done arguing, until somebody says something stupid.

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    This is an utter embarrassment.

    Firstly Linehan and Olson are two of the best game-breaking coaches I've ever seen. Their game-breaking skills are so good they make the team look like absolute jokers on the field. Yes the players do need to take some of the blame but the coaches need to take just as much maybe even more. The playcalling is poor and the intensity and enthusiam just ain't there.

    This Offense is not firing they are demonstrating how not to play offense. The line was pretty good today when you consider injuries and all that, execution however was crap, but if you look at it another way it was spot on. The guys are executing themselves week in week out. Bulger needs to get his game going currently he should be earning third string QB money, Jackson was better today. Holt has definitely lost a step and has been average, Bruce has been good but he suffered today after his setback. The rest well what can u say, not overly bad but they haven't been allowed to get involved.

    The Special Teams still sucks and Dante Hall is in over his head. Hagans was drafted as a returner give him a chance to learn whilst he can. Wilkins had a shocker but bad days happen generally he has been good. Donnie Jones has also been good but returning has been poor and that is not good when our offense is performing at such a quality level.

    The Defense I think played reasonably well baring the 4th quarter when they just gave up. To be perfectly honest they have been forced to bail out this offense far to often when the team is built to score on offense. The defense was reasonably solid particularly against the run in the first half. 131 yrds allowed 38 on the ground. That is pretty good for our Run Defense. As for the Offense they pretty much choked. 18 minutes with the ball in hand and we scored 0 points. One scoring chance a 42yd field goal which missed. Play of the First Half, If only we recovered Chillar's forced fumble it could have been 0-0 at the half.

    Second Half was a disaster. The last quarter we lost 14-3 and like in Game one the Bucs had control of the ball for just over 9 minutes. Unfortunately it drained the defense and they appeared to give up. Considering the amount of work they are having to do I don't believe they should be slammed for it but this is where the leaders and coaches should be enforcing the players to not stop and provide the motivation and enthusiam.

    Game Balls
    Offense: No one really deserves it but Steven Jackson got his first 100 yd game rushing and also had 4 receptions.

    No one really stood out so I ain't giving out an award but will list a few players who did some good things. Chillar again had a strong first half finishing with 6 tackles, 1 FF. Clifton Ryan also had another FF which the Rams recovered. Atogwe recovered the fumble. Witherspoon was good as was Draft.

    Game Changing Moment:
    Too Hard to say because we never got into the game.

    What position do we draft with our top 5 pick? LT out of Michigan, DT out of LSU, linebacker, or DB???

    To answer this its way to hard to make a pick because at this rate we could get the 1st pick and if that is the case its likely a QB or McFadden. McFadden is highly unlikely with Jackson and Leonard on the team so a possible trade could eventuate. Personally if we get a pick in the Top 10 I would have to say we need to strongly look at these guys:

    DE Calais Campbell (Miami)
    DE Quentin Groves (Georgia)
    DT Frank Okam (Texas) Nose Tackle, (Dorsey and Ellis are more 3tech)
    QB Andre Woodson
    WR DeSean Jackson (Cal)
    OT Jake Long (Michigan)
    OT Sam Baker (USC)
    CB Brandon Flowers (Virginia Tech) Apparently is the nest great CB from this college and is a mix of Jimmy Williams and DeAngelo Hall. Not as fast as Hall but still fast and not as physical as Williams but not weak.



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