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Rams talking to Al Saunders

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  • Rams talking to Al Saunders

    "The Redskins hired Seahawks quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn as their new offensive coordinator, ESPN's John Clayton reported earlier. The team is expected to announce that addition on Saturday and team sources also have said offensive coordinator Al Saunders was given permission to speak with the St. Louis Rams about the same position."

    Great News!

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    According to Fox Sports, they're talking to both Saunders and former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams...

    A person familiar with the selection process told The Associated Press that the Redskins have granted the St. Louis Rams permission to interview both Williams and Saunders for coordinator positions. The person said the Rams had to seek permission because, even though Williams and Saunders were told they were being dismissed, the team hasn't formally terminated their contracts. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly on the subject. The Jacksonville Jaguars are also interested in Williams, Glazer reported.
    Talking to Saunders makes sense due to the vacant OC position, but Williams? Wonder if Haslett should be a bit worried about his present employment.


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      i like that where looking at Saunders i was hoping we would get a good OC, i was hoping for Cam Cameron but Saunders was a HC candidate a couple of years ago in KC


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        An update from Bernie:

        Summary: Linehan is aggressively pursuing Saunders, and Bernie hears that Saunders is itching to coach again. Expect the Rams to make a strong pitch as they're really interested; Jim Thomas cites league sources that say the job is his if he wants it. Not sure how mutual the interest is. Williams is much more of a long shot and may be brought in just to send a message to Haslett, since he and Linny don't have a great relationship. Jim Thomas is now reporting that the Rams are interested in Williams filling their vacant secondary coach position, but they view his acquisition as a remote possibility.


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          To further update the story, it seems the Rams have begun contract negotiations with Saunders. A positive sign.


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            Originally posted by NGSeiler View Post
            To further update the story, it seems the Rams have begun contract negotiations with Saunders. A positive sign.

            Man, I hope they get something done soon. Signing Saunders would be huge, Would get both the players and the fans excited about the offense.


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              Al Saunders is the new OC!!

              per 1380


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                I hope this will help our running game. It seems Saunders has done well with the rush offense in the past few years with Washington.

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