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2008 Starting Line Up

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  • 2008 Starting Line Up

    How do you see the starters looking next year. Here is my take:

    QB- Bulger
    RB- Jackson
    FB- Owens
    WR- Bennett...........needs to prove himself, he definitely didn't endear himself to the fans
    TE- McMichael
    LT- Pace...........must stay healthy
    LG- Bell
    C- Incognito...........could really switch spots with Setterstrom, but Incognito has played C before
    RG- Settersrom
    RT- Barron

    DE- Little
    DT- Carriker
    DT- would be nice if Ryan continues to improve, but I think Glover starts here at the beginning of the year
    DE- Chris Long/Vernon Gholston
    OLB- Tinoisamo
    MLB- Witherspoon
    OLD- Culberson...........he is the only SLB on the roster and it seems like they are high on him, but Draft or Pisa could easily win this spot regardless of their SLB status
    CB- Hill
    CB- Brown.......unless he gets suspended, which I have heard rumors of. Bartell is here if he does get suspended
    FS- Atogwe
    SS- Chavous........I would really like to not be starting, because he is atrocious, but the staff seems to like him

    I am done arguing, until somebody says something stupid.

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