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  • Joey Porter

    Joey Porter was cut by the steelers. You can read about why they did it and everything in that article. But I think he would be a great addition. What do you guys think?

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    i would love to get Joey Porter, the only question i have is can he play SLB in a 4-3?


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      Thats what my question was. The only reason that the question comes up is because all he did in pittsburgh was blitz. Pisa and Witherspoon are already good coverage linebackers. And since we need the pass rush, he should be able to help. plus, i heard from someone else that he would fit perfectly in Haslett's scheme as the buckend (don't quote me on that one, its just what i heard from some toher dude).


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        we need Porter so we can draft a D-Linemen


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          but how much would he cost?
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          I want Kenny Phillips, Glen Dorsey, Chris Long, or Calias Campbell


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            Personally I don't think he'd be the best fit for us, especially since we'd likely have to engage in a pretty hefty bidding war with a number of 3-4 teams that will likely be looking at him.


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              I think he would bring in leadership and aggressivness to our defense if we went after him.

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