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Jermaine Wiggins to the Rams?

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  • Jermaine Wiggins to the Rams?

    From the Minneapolis Star Tribune regarding the release of tight end Jermaine Wiggins...

    Thursday's most notable departure might have been Wiggins, the Vikings' leading receiver in 2004 and 2005. He caught 140 passes during that span but was not a good fit for Childress' precision offense, slipping to 46 receptions in 2006.

    Like Johnson, Wiggins asked the Vikings to let him leave and hopes to find a system that better fits his skills. St. Louis, coached by former Vikings offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, is a top option.

    "After the season," Wiggins said, "I pretty much said I felt like I wanted to go in a different direction, and I felt like they wanted to go in a different direction."

    At his best, Wiggins glides into open spaces created by the defense. Last season, he was less effective while running more traditional patterns.

    "I feel like I've proven that I can be among the top pass-catching tight ends in the NFL," Wiggins said. "I feel like if I go to a team that is going to say, 'Hey, do what you can do and make plays,' I still feel like I can be among the top 10 in the NFL. I still have plenty left in the tank."
    The Rams were on record last offseason as saying they'd like to add a veteran tight end in the mix. Bringing in someone like Wiggins, who knows Linehan's system and is an established vet, could help the progress of our own young tight ends. I'm kind of interested to see how this story develops.

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    How is Wiggins as a blocker? Our other TEs are more pass catching TEs than blockers and we could use help with our OT.

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      we have 3 young TE's Joe Klopfenstein (Best TE ever) and Byrd


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        hey do you have a link where i can read it?......i dont doubt that its true, just would like a link


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            i dont see where it says anything about the rams? i just not seeing it?


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              I think he would be a good pick up. He's not an elite player, so he won't cost an arm and a leg. He already knows the system and could help bring Klop and Byrd along. And, let's not forget, this is a guy who caught 70 balls for Linehan a few years back.
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                Originally posted by holt_bruce81 View Post
                i dont see where it says anything about the rams? i just not seeing it?
                It was there yesterday. For some reason that paragraph was edited out, it seems.


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                  unless he can block i dont think we need his pass catching skills
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