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    Some of you may be aware that we have been doing a draft over on the Mock Drafts forum with different guys assigned to pick for each team. After the person who was supposed to draft for the Rams dropped out, I volunteered to take his place. I have just made the 7th round pick for the Rams so I thought I'd post the results over here to see what you think:

    Note: The Rams picks for the first two rounds were picked by group vote since nobody was picking for them. I took over with the round 3 pick.

    Round 1 (2) Jason Smith, OT, Baylor - the popular pick

    Round 2 (35) Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee - This pick was voted by the group. I would have chosen someone else if I had made the pick. I just didn't feel this was the best pick for the Rams here.

    Round 3 (66) Mike Mickens, CB, Cincinnati - This was the first pick I made. I was seriously considering Josh Freeman who was dropping, but he got picked 3 picks before my pick. I was also considering a strong safety. This was before they signed Butler, but I was pretty much expecting that to happen, so I decided not to go with a safety. I felt like a good CB like Mickens made sense here. Also note this was before they released Holt so I didn't put a priority on WR with this pick like maybe I could have. Most of the good WR's were gone by now anyway.

    Round 4 (99) Shonn Greene, RB, Iowa - I didn't really want to take a RB here, but Greene had dropped too far to be ignored. I thought maybe a second good RB would help keep Jackson healthy. I really wanted to get a LB for the Rams but I was prioritizing MLB rather than OLB because I just felt like that was a bigger need. Unfortunately there are very few good MLB's in this draft. I was tempted to take McKillop here but I just don't really think he's a 4-3 MLB and with Greene on the board I decided to wait on LB's.

    Round 5 (130) Brandon Tate, WR, North Carolina - Ok when this pick came up they had dropped Holt by now so I was scrambling to find good WR's. Tate would be a day 1 pick if he hadn't been hurt, so I take him here thinking he'll be a good player, just a matter of when he is healthy.

    Round 6 (163) Emanuel Cook, SS, South Carolina - Sixth round now so take the best available. Didn't take a safety early because of Butler but though Cook could be a good backup. I was also considering a QB here but after those top 3 guys there's really just a bunch of similar guys of different sizes and shapes and who knows if any of them will amount to anything. I felt there's no real need to draft another late round QB here.

    Round 7 (194) Austin Collie, WR, BYU - Just looking for best available player and Collie kind of jumped out to me. He was a great college player. Will he be a good pro? I think he could be. Looking at the Rams depth chart I felt like there was room for a couple rookies who both have good potential.

    Well there it is. Not sure if anyone is interested, but wanted to put it out there for you to dissect. Enjoy.
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    I could live with that, even though I would like a Receiver a bit earlier.


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      Although not the most need-oriented pick, I think Ayers at the beginning of round 2 would be a good pickup for the rams. Spags' defense has always relied on a quality pass rush and Ayers would give us a replacement for Little and a strong pairing with Long for many years (if Spags can train DEs here like he did in NY)
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        Great picks but WR needs to be addressed earlier but I'm starting to think that the needs are really going to comflict with what Spags wants on him team (a stacked DL)
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