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  • I heard that the Rams are interesting in TO. They asked him if we would be interesting in playing for them even though they aren't a contending team and he said he would consider it.

    I think they are going to give him an offer.


    • Originally posted by freebirdsrams02 View Post
      Danario Alexander is almost clear medically and Billy Devaney said they would take a long look at him to bring him in. Alexander is a big Target at 6'4 so he is something the Rams need. All the other WR on the roster are under 6'2.
      His height means nothing if he can't stay on the field. Four surgeries on his knee since the end of 2008. I doubt he'll be able to hold up, but if the Rams doctors think otherwise, they may bring him in to at least compete in camp.

      Still, kind of a testament to what they feel they already have at receiver that guys like McRae and Curry are making legitimate pushes for roster spots, and now the Rams may look at Alexander.

      Originally posted by BmoreBlackByrdz View Post
      I heard that the Rams are interesting in TO. They asked him if we would be interesting in playing for them even though they aren't a contending team and he said he would consider it.

      I think they are going to give him an offer.
      Not a huge fan. His impact for the Rams would likely be closer to his production in Buffalo than in Dallas or Philly, and it would likely be for only a one year deal. I'd rather see what the young receivers on the roster can do.


      • TO would be an upgrade for you guys, but I just wouldn't want him with my franchise rookie QB, because sometimes TO has a way of screwing up a QB's progressions. Even a guy like Romo started forcing balls his way, so a young guy looking at a future HOFer like TO may do the same.

        He has still got at least something left, but he just wants the ball every play, always thinks he's open, drops balls way too much, seems like he's more trouble then anything. Bad team, rookie QB, losing at least 12 games, seems like it's not the best formula for TO.

        Originally posted by Scott Wright
        I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


        • The cons outweigh the pros. He's not going to be the same dynamic and productive player he was in Philly and Dallas. Even if he's capable of doing it, which is a big if, he won't on this team. He'll probably come out closer to his Buffalo production, which is still an improvement for the Rams but not enough to justify his ego, maturity issues, and the time he'd take away from younger guys who may be able to develop into a long-term contributor. Not to mention the damage he could do to Bradford if he starts getting in his ear.


          • Rams will not offer Terrell Owens a contract...



            • Originally posted by NGSeiler View Post
              Rams will not offer Terrell Owens a contract...

              They were talking about it on PTI today and they were all against T.O. going to the Rams, because the reasons you gave earlier. Not good for a young QB and team. He may be better than what they got but not for Bradford. T.O. will probably end up with Cincinnatti.

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              • Twitter breaking news, Sam Bradford and Rams agree on six-year $78 million mega-deal...

                From Jay Glazer...

                Breaking news: Rams agree w bradford on 6 year deal worth 86 million including 50 million guaranteed! 1 minute ago via UberTwitter
                From Chris Mortensen...

                Sam Bradford becomes 1st 50 million dollar guarantee in NFL (6 year with max of 86 million) 2 minutes ago via Who Say
                From Adam Schefter...

                Filed to ESPN: Rams reached agreement w/ Sam Bradford on a six-year, $78 million deal with $86 mil max value that includes $50 million gtd. half a minute ago via ÜberTwitter


                • My friend and I are thinking about going to Training Camp. I've never been to one, how is it? How are the people there? is it tough to get autographs, I mean I don't want to be holding around a football or helmet if it's pretty tough to get em signed.


                  • I've never been, but I've not heard of any particularly bad experience. I can't imagine it's as tough as trying to get autographs after a game, and I've actually had some decent luck with that in the past. Usually the stories I hear about camp is that, afterwards, players are more than happy to sign some autographs or get some pictures taken.


                    • How has Carpenter played so far?


                      • Originally posted by herniateddisc View Post
                        How has Carpenter played so far?
                        He's not been able to beat out Larry Grant for the first team WILL linebacker job.



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