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    According to, both Scott Linehan and Jim Haslett were present for Nebraska's pro day to watch Adam Carriker, who weighed in at just over 290 pounds. After running another impressive forty (though to be fair it was on a favorable track), Carriker was put through a number of defensive line drills, some of which he had never done before. Reportedly, he looked great. Again, according to, the Rams love Carriker's ability as well as his character and personality. But they envision him as a three-technique defensive tackle and think he could comfortably add as much as 35 pounds to his frame.

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    35 pounds to his frame? Wow. That's much mroe than I've ever heard for him. I've heard feelings that he could probably play at 310 or so without any significant loss, but 35 would put him at a robust 325.

    Anyhow, Carriker could be an intriguing fit inside for them.



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