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What do RAMS FANS want to do with the #1 pick

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  • What do RAMS FANS want to do with the #1 pick

    I read all kinds of things, and listen to all kinds of debates over what the Rams will or should do with the pick.

    I'm curious to see what you guys want to do with it.

    IMO, if Bradford or Clausen were more of a sure thing, like a Manning, Elway, Carson Palmer, etc. I would definitely take the QB.

    But IMO, the only 2 sure things in this draft at Suh and McCoy.
    I don't know your players well, but I know you have Chris Long and Adam Carriker. If there's room for Suh, I think you have to take the beast. He's the best player in the draft, I think, for sure. Your line could be dominant.

    But what do Rams fans want?

    I won't put a trade down option cuz it seems trading the #1 pick is far fetched.
    QB Sam Bradford
    QB Jimmy Clausen
    DT Suh
    DT McCoy

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    Bradford looked sharp passing today, although he didn't take a single hit.
    I always knew he could throw well.... but can he handle a big hit drive into the turf?

    I'd rather have Suh, and draft McCoy in Rd 2.
    Colt played as well as Sam did in their h2h games.

    That's my unbiased opinion. Suh is just too damn good.


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      Suh or Bradford...I don't really care either way. However, I think our odds of winning a Super Bowl are much higher with a stud QB than a stud DT. Whether or not Bradford is a stud QB is yet to be determined, but I'd be willing to take that chance at this point.


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        I am not a huge Rams fan as I was born and raised in Tampa. BTW that WAS a catch! Anywho, if I was the Rams I would either trade with the Browns and get 2 additional picks or draft Suh. I hope and pray he falls to 3 for the Bucs, but as a Rams fan you should want Suh. IMO if Tony Pike stays healthy he will be the QB of the draft. I remember when Rivers, Manning were drafted the same year as Big Ben and all the hype was for those 2 and not Ben. I said he would be the star of the draft and he has 2 SB rings to prove it. I feel Tony Pike will be the QB star in years to come. To bad Big Ben turned out to be pond scum outside of football and I have totally lost any respect for him as a person.



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