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FA players u think the rams should go get.

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  • FA players u think the rams should go get.

    Imo there are some pretty nice players that can he got for the rams.

    Ok lets face it the rams receivers suck and they really need to retool this imo.

    Early Doucet is a fa and i think the rams should go grab him. Hes young and has been to a super bowl. Hes played with a hof qb in warner.

    DeAngelo Williams he reminds me alittle of terrell davis. He would be a great pickup. Jackson imo isnt that great of a back williams would be a upgrade.

    Ellis Hobbs imo he is underated. He has been around greatness in brady and vick i think with big money he would come and help get in d much better.

    Thos or my main players i want. For the draft i believe it will be more focused on the defense this time.

    With these guys i believe the rams could be something great.

    Early Doucet
    Mark Clayton
    Donnie Avery
    drafted player ex Justin Blackmon
    drafted player ex Austin Pettis

    imo cut every other receiver because even thos they do make some players there really bad imo. Like 4 real amendola and alexander are really bad.

    So what do u guys think about the rams and there roster right now.

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    I have three on my radar right now.

    Davin Joseph, Mathias Kiwanuka, Barry Cofield

    Amendola and Alexander are good receivers but shouldn't be your #1 and #2 targets like they were this season. I love Danario but until he can prove it from week to week he's no more than a 5th receiver.

    To say D. Williams would be an upgrade over Steven Jackson is just downright silly. Plus, I doubt he even reaches the Free Agent Market.


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      I wouldn't mind seeing us pick up Chris Chester from Baltimore. They consistently run the ball well, as was evidenced by yesterday's mauling of the Chiefs.

      Holt_bruce81...just wondering, do you like Kiwanuka and Cofield because they are from the Giants? They definitely would fit in our system here and I am sure that Spags knows them well.

      I also would like to see us pick up a running back with more of a burst, but I don't think DeAngelo Williams will be coming here. He will be looking to find a team where he can be the starter and feature guy. I could see him going to Dallas, or maybe Washington.


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        My top Free Agent targets for 2011:

        1.) Chad Greenway LB - Would be a huge presence next to JL. There is good chance he will hit free agency with Sidney Rice likely getting slapped with the franchise tag.
        2.) Zach Miller TE - Not only would he give Bradford a lethal target, but he's an outstanding blocker.
        3.) Leon Washington - Doubt he gets away from Seattle, but if he does, he would be an outstanding compliment to Sjax. Plus we steal him from a division rival!
        4.) Mathias Kiwanuka DE - He is familiar with Spags defense and has a proven track record. This draft is deep with DE however, and Kiwi is coming off a lost season.
        5.) WR - There are a ton of solid receivers out there (how many will actually hit FA is to be determined). Vincent Jackson, Sidney Rice, TO, would all be a welcome addition IMO. I'm not crazy about TO, but if we can't land a stud in early free agency and miss out on one of the top rookies, I'd be ok with a 1 year incentive laden contract with TO.



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