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Isaac Bruce???

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  • Isaac Bruce???

    I haven't heard anything about this guy, has he retired? Is he going to be the started again next season? Do you see him putting up similar numbers to that of this season? Can he put up 1000yards again?

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    he signed a 2 year deal last year he's not retired he'll be the starter may be his last year


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      I believe it was a three year deal last spring, IIRC.

      I doubt he passes 1,000 yards again with as many targets as this team has. Holt, Jackson, and now Bennett and McMichael are going to have to get their share of catches.

      Still, he looked effective and is still running crisp routes.


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        im doubting a 1000 yard season for bruce too but with all the new signings its possible he could play longer cuz he wont get his as much and if its needed bennett could come in on run blocking plays and maybe mcmichael could run block at wr (but he may be more valueable on the line)



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