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  • According to Jim Thomas

    we are still very interested in Ginn, as well had 5 players with return ability in camp today
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    I want Kenny Phillips, Glen Dorsey, Chris Long, or Calias Campbell

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    If we get Jenkins in a trade, why not go after Ginn in the first round. We might be able to trade back a few spots to get him to make up for the Jenkins trade.

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      the rams dont need ginn. we can get a returner in a later round. and it makes no sense to spend first round money a 4th string wr. next years draft is also going to be much deeper at wr if we need one so this is just not a good year for us to get ginn. for a returner we could get breaston or figures in the 4th or 5th rounds and that would be just as good.

      also josh wilson can return kicks and if hes there in the 3rd (maybe 2nd) and the rams havent taken a cb he would be a good pick too.


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        I would have to agree that taking Ginn or any WR besides Johnson wouldn't make any sense. Even if the Rams get Jenkins, which is far from a sure thing, they still need help on defense and could look at that LB Willis from Ole Miss I think, or still go Dline. Personally I don't see any way that the Rams don't have Branch, Okoye, or Jenkins by the time the draft is over. Linehan knows that the run defense, specifically the DT play is the main, if not one thing standing between the Rams and being a Superbowl contender.

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          As has been pointed out, even if we get Jenkins we have more important areas to consider in the first round than WR. We still need help at defensive end, and if Jamaal Anderson or Adam Carriker are there, they should get strong looks. And I'm slowly coming around to the idea of a cornerback, not so much in that I want us to go that route but I understand the benefits of doing so if we can't find great value for the D-line.



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