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Interesting Rams radio reports

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  • Interesting Rams radio reports

    Per reports on other boards from those who listened...

    1. Carriker is up to 313 pounds
    2. Coaching staff felt that Jimmy Kennedy was just going through the motions during OTAs; one reason that they let him go.
    3. Ryan seems to be ahead of Jackson at DT
    4. Thomas thinks that there is still a chance that the Rams do someting with Jenkins....this is Thomas' view, nothing from the Rams
    Another version...

    1. Carriker is at 313 lbs and looks good so far. But its still early.
    2. He said Clifton Ryan is definently ahead of Keith Jackson at this point.
    3. He brought up that he thinks the Rams may make a move for Jenkins before the season starts possibly before training camp. He did say however he did not want to get peoples hopes up.
    4. Bernie said he heard some rumblings about the Rams might try Draft at MLB and put Spoon outside. He said that Draft led the Panthers #7 defense in tackles. Thomas responded saying while he does believe it intrigues them he thinks they will start with Chillar at SLB. He said Chillar is not as bad as some people have made him out to be.

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    Good for Carriker.. him gaining weight is a priority. Since i'm a MSU fan i like that Ryan is ahead of jackson. Not sure what we would trade for Jenkins and I'd like trying Draft at MLB and putting Spoon at outside.. if it works, we'll have a pretty good defense outside of the secondary which i hope does well.

    R.I.P Sean Taylor

    Thanks to Renji for the AVI


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      I would definitely agree with the statement that Chillar is not as bad as some people make him out to be. In my opinion he is an average LB, which may sound like an indictment on him, but it's also saying he's better than a lot of LB's out there too.

      I am done arguing, until somebody says something stupid.



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