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  • Dimitroff

    As you guys know by now, Dimitroff was hired as a GM for the Atlanta Falcons today, and I'm just wondering what you guys think of him? Any idea what he likes/dislikes in players and how he will draft? How about the coach that you guys think he will bring in? Just trying to see if I can find some Pats' fans to comment on Dimitroff.

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    Never heard of him.


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      Dimitroff was credited in the Boston Herald as a key piece in the Patritos puzzle that has amassed 3 superbowl rings in 4 years. As you know the Patriots always draft well, that bodes well for the falcons in terms of the draft but Dimitroff hasn't dealt with cap issues or the like so the team may suffer in that respect (but at the same time they may gain bc he may go with a cheap youth movement of great value players)... All I can say is he was a key piece in the puzzle for the Patriots but as they always have they will replace him effectivel like any piece on the field in the coaching satff or FO. Good move by the Falcons for this period where they need an infusion of youth and new faces to try and shine some light on a franchise that has been clouded by bad play and classless acts ie Michael Vicks dogfighting and Bobby Petrinos naked bootleg to Akansas. In the long run he may just end up being a guy who brings in young undervalued talent at below market value and help the falcons to the point where they can say we're good enough and what we need is some good veteran talent to lead this team...So in that respect he may be good as well for bringing in cheap players (hes a professional talent of the few not all men of his position are professionals a lot are scrubs ie anyone who works for lions or bengals scouts) What you have to worry about is the CAP with this guy TALENT should come and they will probably constantly be moving players in and out of the organization slowly improving to a point where only some vet leadership craft CAP tricks and a good coach will bring a championship. Its a tall orer but I hope that helped
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        Yea. He has worked wonders with the Pats, and I think he will do the same for the Falcons. The above post pretty much sums it all up. Good post.

        The one thing that really stuck out to me was how he was a University of Guelph graduate!!!



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