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    Once we get a legit #1 and even a #2 that could push Ellis to the nickel, we will see how good he can be. He is not a #1 corner, but he is a playmaker with great speed who could be a superb nickel guy with great KR ability. We need to take a corner in the first 2 rounds this year and it isn't even debatable in my opinon. If we get a few solid young guys (Alphonso Smith would be great) and Wheatley/Wilhite develop, we could be in very good shape at corner with Hobbs as a nickel guy.


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      No one in this draft is pushing Hobbs down in the depth chart, and there are only a few teams on which he'd be less than the #2 guy. He's really developed into a damn good corner, he just needs some safety help and someone to step up on the other side.

      Wilhite looked good late in the year. Whoever the Pats draft is going to have a hard time unseating him if they can get past Wheatley on the depth chart. There are a lot of good corners in the draft, but no one special (opposed to 2008, when the first round was loaded with special corners).

      Safety help, and having healthy linebacker will be key to the corners' success this year.
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