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Potential to trade out of the 7th?

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  • Potential to trade out of the 7th?

    Just curious if you guys think the Pats would be taking all offers to move down or if they are keying in on a certain player at #7?

    I feel that the pats have done a lot of moving down in recent drafts, whats your guys' history the last few years in draft day trades?

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    Our recent drafts show a propencity to trade down and aquire additional picks. I think this year may be somewhat different as the team has obvious needs that may or may be filled with that early pick. For example, the team lacked a pash rush at the tail end of the season and during the playoffs. If an impact performer was available that the team felt was worth that #7 like a Golston, I would think they would take him. Conversely, we have suffered multiple attritions to the cornerback position. If the team doesn't feel any of the corners they covet as being worthy of that high pick, trading it for multiple picks would be consistent with how they have operated in the past.

    Remember, Asante was a 4th round pick. Hobbs was a 3 or 4 himself. The Pats don't get uncomfortable when selecting in the middle rounds, and often find the guys to fit there system regardless of pedigree.

    I do believe that the linebacking core needs some pizzaz, and that can be accomplished outside of the 1st round. If the focus is to fix the immediate on field shortcomings like a pass rush specialist, you can find that guy in round 3 or later, he will be a bit short, a tad undersized and not quite the guy you look at a 3 down player, but he will be a pin-your-ears back pass rusher on 3rd down for you. If the Pats don't take Golston (if available) I would be shocked, but most of the names I hear them associated with are round 2 and round 3 cornerbacks with savy, physicality, and not a whole lot of foot speed


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      If McFadden drops to #7. I would love to trade that pick to Dallas for #22 and #28. Dallas gets McFadden which they want to share the load with Barber (Both McFadden and Barber spilt carries in college) With the #22 overall I think the pats should draft Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Cromartie is that big fast corner they need. With the #28 overall I think the pats should draft Quentin Groves OLB. Groves addresses another need of an Outside pass rusher.

      That trade would address two needs in one round, which would help greatly.


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        I agree. And if the chance comes up and they DON"T pull the trigger, that tells you that BB has found a HUGE impact player for himself in whoever it is he ends up taking at 7.


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          ya for instance Long Gholston or even DMC



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