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Patriots to trade for ILB Adam Seward?

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  • Patriots to trade for ILB Adam Seward?

    It seems as though the Patriots will make or have made an offer to the Carolina Panthers for restricted free agent Adam Seward. Seward was a draft-pick in the 2005 (Alex Smith) draft. They would have to give Carolina a fifth-round pick if they signed him:

    Here's his scouting report from Scott a few years ago:

    Adam Seward
    College: U.N.L.V. Height: 6-21/4
    Position: Inside Linebacker Weight: 248
    Class: Senior 40-Yard: 4.62
    Strengths: Great instincts and is a true football player...Very tough and aggressive...Productive...Always gives 100% and won't be outworked.
    Weaknesses: Doesn't have the speed you look for...Not an explosive pure athlete...Struggles in coverage and isn't very fluid...An overachiver.
    Notes: The type of player who doesn't have the physical tools you look for but just gets the job done...The type of blue-collar player you never like to underestimate, but his lack of ideal measuables will hurt him.

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    sounds like the typical patriots linebacker. i dont know too much about him, but reading about his strengths, im willing to give up a 5th rounder for a proven guy who gives it his all

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      i agree seems like a classic patriot ilb. perfect for the 3-4 it seems.


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        He'd be a good get, we obviously need some depth at LB and a younger guy with some NFL experience would be nice. It would be worth it for a fifth rounder in my opinion, even though the last UNLV LB we took, Ryan Claridge, was one of my favorite picks in that draft and he didn't pan out as I thought (despite the fact he was a later round pick).


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          Just like what was saud above. Sounds just like any Patriots LB. Good to hear. I hate when peole tell us that the Patriots need this LB because hes a great athlete or can runa 4.4 40. Thats not what the Patriots are about, and still after about 7 years or so, people still dont get it. I dont know what it will take.

          In any event, he is still young, look to have decent size. I know, and Im sure that the rest of you all know, not to doubt BB. He knows what hes doing. Just like letting Asante walk. Bellichek knows what hes doing. I will support this move. Sounds pretty good.



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