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John Czarnecki: Rams didn't have walk through

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  • John Czarnecki: Rams didn't have walk through

    As part of my job with FOX Sports, I was in the Superdome on the Saturday in question. The Rams were in their game uniforms, running around and generally relaxing waiting to take their team photo for the Super Bowl. There were wooden risers on the field. There were times when I was on the field actually talking to Kurt Warner and other players and some of the teams' executives that I have known for more than 20 years.

    If there was a walk-through that day, it was the most disorganized one ever assembled. Many of the players were there to simply unwind and relax and test out the carpet. And don't forget, the Rams were very familiar with the Superdome because the Saints were still in their division. They had played there during the regular season.

    What I do remember of that week was that Rams coach Mike Martz was extremely nervous about practicing at the Saints' facility because he feared Jim Haslett and his staff would be taping his practices. He wanted their coaches removed from the building. That didn't happen, but all of the windows that faced the practice field had their drapes closed. Remember, this was a time when Haslett, now the Rams defensive coordinator, and Martz really didn't get along. There was a real rivalry between the two and their teams.

    So yes, Martz was concerned about being videotaped, but it was by the Saints' staff, not the Patriots.'s-move-on

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    Im curious to hear everyone single person who called me out for calling Walsh a fraud, explain to me now that I, and you too Jay, are wrong. Its funny, because now no one wants to explain anything. Laughable.


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      I so want this all to go away so we can concentrate on football.



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