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Patriots' 2008 Draft

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  • Patriots' 2008 Draft

    The 2008 Draft is finally here!

    It's Draft weekend, and best of luck to the New England Patriots in finding good players to help the team for the future.

    Discuss the event here.
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    Final Mock Draft

    Scott it's always fun to read your work.
    I just want to know your opinion on the possibility the Patriots draft.
    Trading down wih the Bengals. New England 1st round draft pick (7th) for 1st and 3rd round draft pick (9th and 77th) of Cincinnati
    Round 1, Pick 9 (9)
    (From Bengals) *** Keith Rivers. I think he's the best linebacker in the draft and a great leader. I could understand your point but I do think that Chris long won't pass Kansas City causing Gholston to be a Jets. Plus I don't really like Gholston, any player who was invisible for many game just isn't the type of player I want to select.

    Round 2, Pick 31 (62) Dre Moore. DE is a need since we only have Jarvis Green as a backup. Smith and Wright could easily be replaced. Last year 4th round choice isn't with the team anymore.

    Round 3, Pick 6 (69)
    (From Raiders) Antwaun Molden. We need a CB and he's got maybe more potential than any other left on the board. He's big, fast and very athletic.

    Round 3, Pick 14 (77)
    (From Bengals) *** Shawn Crable could fall like you did in your mock but I think he's a mid 3rd round so the Patriots could get their backup outside linebacker for next year while he could develop in a starter later.

    Round 3, Pick 31 (94) Brad Cottam is injury prone but I could easily see him going to NE as Belichick has always love TE.

    Round 4, Pick 30 (129)Josh Barrett is the the pick if heís still available. Harrison is close to retirement and a big and fast safety is always nice to have.

    Round 5, Pick 29 (164) Barry Richardson has a lot of potential and could be a starter if heís motivated. Something Iím sure Belichick can do.

    Round 6, Pick 31 (197) King Dunlap, Darnell Terrell, Josh Johnson and Kevin OíConnell could all be the pick

    Round 7, Pick 31 (238) I really like Brian Whiterspoon as a return man so there or as a RFA would be great.


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      would you guys draft Ellis?


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        i would love sedrick ellis he is a big body who is vastly underated. i think he can fit in our system.


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          Mayo was definitley a bit surprising, but after looking at some videos I think he could fit well
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            At first i hated the pick, because i never thought about him going to the pats. But after review i like the pick, going to play ILB. Im excited about the second round, but a lot of corners have been taken interesting to see what they will do.


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              he has the chance to be something special

              Thanks to BoneKrusher for this amazing sig!

              Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!


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                so tomorrow who do you guys want? i think we need to get Jamal Charles he is the last fast RB that is actually good. so we need to get him. also of course i wouldnt mind getting Dan Connor. even tough we got a ILB.


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                  Cliff Avril, Charles Godfrey, Reggie Smith, Justin King, Jermichael Finley, Jonathan Goff are some of the guys I like.

                  Edit: Also Shawn Crable
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                    Vince Redd OLB from Liberty in the 7th round. Great size and speed. 6'6 245


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                      I'd love it if we could get Shawn Crable.
                      Also Justin King and Jamaal Charles, if available.
                      I'd still like a young OL as well.
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                        #69 traded to San Diego for a fifth this year and a second in 2009. HA!


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                          Thanks Jay for posting the trade... I had no idea what we got in return from the third rounder. And as for the trade, what a great deal!


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                            So we have 2 CBs, 2 LBs, and a QB. I would love to see us pick up a TE (Kellen Davis, Joe Jon Finley), a OL (Carl Nicks, Barry Richardson, Kirk Barton, Eric Young, Roy Scheuning), or a RB (Allen Patrick, Cory Boyd, Mike Hart). I would not mind us beefing up even more at DB or LB, especially if we brought in Jon Goff who is still available. DeJuan Tribble or Josh Barret could be great pick ups as well.


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                              Matt Slater from UCLA is the pick - he is a guy who can and has played WR, returner, both safety spots, and corner. We do kind of need a WR with Stallworth gone, I guess it is an OK pick. They obviously like his versatility because there were some talented wideouts still on the board like Hubbard, Arrington, Piecharts Bryant, DJ Hall, and Addarius Bowman.



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