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    Derrick Harvey

    Hello everyone. My name is Brian. I've been following this website for several months now, and I have finally decided to register and participate in some of the discussions.

    I'm interested in some of your opinions regarding the Patriots 2008 1st round selection.

    Personally, I'm very disappointed that the Patriots didn't select Derrick Harvey at #7 overall, for several reasons.

    For one, I think that Adalius Thomas is a better fit as an inside MLB.
    Derrick Harvey, as a pass-rusher OLB, would permit Adalius to move back inside where he started the 2007 season. The defense looked stronger with him inside and Colvin on the outside.

    Secondly, a good pass rusher is the premier defensive position in the league.
    The front 3 for New England are excellent and could be even more productive if there was more "presence" on the outside. Harvey is an elite talent and would have provided a perfect compliment to Vrabel on the outside.

    Think of the other good 3-4 defenses around the league. The outside linebackers are more "famous", not to mention they produce more momentum-changing plays than the inside linebackers. Shawne Merriman/Shaun Phillips vs Wilhelm/Cooper, Kamerion Wimbley/McGinest vs Davis/Jackson, Taylor/Porter vs Crowder/???. Bottom line is, the outside linebackers have more responsibilities, more tasks, and a bigger impact on the game.

    If you think back to last year's draft, the Patriots had the opportunity to take Paul Posluszny or David Harris at #28 overall. I'm not convinced that Mayo will be significantly better than either of them. I certainly don't think he's in the same league as Patrick Willis.

    I was excited about the prospect of the trade, and the potential of having a Top 10 pick, yet I feel that Jerod Mayo is not a significant upgrade over who they could have selected last year at #28. However, on the other hand, a player of Derrick Harvey's caliber will NOT be available outside of the Top 10, and I think New England failed to take advantage of this rare opportunity. There was even talk that Kansas City could select him at #5.

    I just don't see how you can pass on one of the premier pass-rushers in the draft in favor of an inside linebacker whose stock rose fairly late in the process.

    Depth at ILB was not an issue w/ Thomas, Hobson, Bruschi, possibly Seau.
    But now there is nothing to get excited about at OLB beyond Vrabel/Thomas.
    The secondary will be vulnerable this season and an improved pass rush could have helped to amend that to some extent.

    Derrick Harvey made perfect sense to me. As Scott has said, the Patriots have even had a knack for selecting players from the University of Florida in recent years.

    Am I missing something? Would anyone care to correct me or fill me in?
    I'm definitely up for a debate or some constructive criticism concerning my analysis.

    I've tried to get excited about the addition of Jerod Mayo but the whole ordeal confuses me.

  • Jay
    What JTJag said. I would much rather have a natural LB then a convert, and the more I saw of Mayo, the more I loved him as our pick.

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  • WMD
    As a Lions fan, I wish they would've picked Derrick Harvey. Jerod Mayo was OURS!

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  • JT Jag
    I'm not a Patriots fan, but I think that simply enough the Patriots staff disagrees with you. They think Thomas is a better outside linebacker and acquired Mayo so he can play there.

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