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    Originally posted by bored of education View Post
    You should just cheer on KC because I am a Chiefs fan. :D

    Book it: Peppers to NE!
    WTF - is that a giant Oreo stack in your avi?? lol

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      I would love Peppers here in NE. Peppers, Adalius, and Mayo would be 3 super starters and we would just need to hope one of the young guys steps up. Adalius has the flexibility to play inside or outside (probably better inside), so I would hope Crable or Pierre Woods could start as the other outside guy with Peppers. It is all speculation, but it would allow us to focus a lot more on our secondary with whatever picks we didn't give up for Peppers in day 1.


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        if we were to get peppers i think it would cost us #23

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        Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!


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          Originally posted by FlyingElvis View Post
          What's the cost on him, though? Also franchised, so now what - hope that Carolina values him along the lines of Cassel and accepts that same #34? Doubt it. I'd love to see it, but not at too high a cost.
          Maybe our first for him somehow? It would eliminate one of the positions we would be drafting, possibly even at pick 23.
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            Originally posted by FlyingElvis View Post
            WTF - is that a giant Oreo stack in your avi?? lol
            Ya, he got that from

            Hilarious stuff on there...

            And I love the trade because I'm a Pats fan living in KC. I'm glad the Chiefs crapped out, so I could justify rooting for them. I love watching a team get built, especially when it's done the right way. I enjoy sharing my experience with the early Belichick Era with Chiefs fans and relate it to what's going on right now.

            I hope the Pats just use the cap space to front load extensions for Seymour and Wilfork after they pick up a vet corner (Springs, McAlister, Surtain) and re-sign a couple guys (Evans, Hochstein, Sanders, Harrison, Woods - might be forgetting a couple)
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              I'd give up our 23rd for Peppers in a heartbeat. *crosses fingers*
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