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Thoughts on BILL! Spygate?!

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  • Thoughts on BILL! Spygate?!

    Bill Bilcheck has to be in top five best coach ever. The spygate that has ruined his rep. with a lot of people. I find it hard to believe other teams were not doing the same thing as the patriots and there success was based on cheating. I mean i believe the advantage was so small and i mean you still have to go play football. I really doubt the coachs would tell brady though his earpiece the defence they were doing because even after they got busted they went out and went undefeated(reg. ha) so right there shows the spygate really affected nothing. If ppl believe there success was based on that they couldn't be more wrong. In todays game it's envolved to be so much better. It's way harder to have dynastys in todays game with cap and the spread wealth of players. With 3 super bowls, undefeated reg. season(take it for what it is), and talent finder, and in todays game really makes BB king.

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    Well this topic has been rehashed over and over for the last year and a half in the media and on message boards across the internet. I don't think much more can be said other than to remind the critics that the Patriots were not punished by the league for recording the opponents signals. They were punished for using a video camera on the sideline. That was the only rule they broke. It would have been illegal no matter what they were recording and likewise it would have been legal if they were doing it from an approved location.

    I don't think Belichick's reputation is questioned among other coaches and players around the league, even if certain media members don't like him.
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      I agree with both statements.
      If the Pats had binoculours and a pen and paper
      writing down the plays and the signals- woulda been cool
      it was only the fact that it was a camera that made it punishable.

      so it's whateva... BB is still the man
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