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    There were a 4 depth picks (Bussey & Ohrnberger, Pryor & Richard), and one project pick (Edelman), but the rest are (future) high-end starters with high floors, and high-ceiling potential. I liked the LS pick. It's not uncommon for teams to draft these guys nowadays, and the Pats got one of the best ones to come out of college in a long time. Why rely on UDFA's/FA's to fill a position that will stay filled by the same person for 10+ years?


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      I absolutely loved the way the PATS handles the draft. Getting two 2's next year is HUGE.

      Anyone who doesn't absolutely love Chung has never seen him. He's a smart hard hitting, athletic safety with a non stop motor. He has a lot of experience and was a team captain and leader. BB loves all those the way so do I.

      Brace is more than just a career back up. He will play in our short yardage and goal line packages and give Wilfork a rest throughout the game. That keep Wilfork fresher (and Brace as well) while also greatly improving your short yardage packages. I liked Brinkley for the same reasons...short yardage packages. The PATS liked McKenzie better. I also like McKenzie a lot. McKenzie is not 6'0" he's just shy of 6'3" and was super productive even when he was forced to jump from school to school. Let him have some stability in coaching and family issues and he will be worked into the ILB rotation in a year.

      Butler is the guy I wanted in round one. I can't remember ever seeing a prospec that had a 43 1/2 verticle jump. He isn't afriad to support the run and has smooth transition. He will be real good. Our DB's got a lot more athletic and physical.

      Don't forget about Tank Williams. I think he will add a lot to our sub packages as well. He's a hard hitting 230lb SS who we will use at ILB at times.

      Hobbs will only be missed for his KR. hobbs problem was that he came in and did well right away and NEVER improved. Samuel came in and did well right away but improved a great deal. I've been waiting for Hobbs to take the next step and he never did.

      I wish the LS was a bit bigger but drafting a LS is SO unusual for anyone. He'll be on the team. There is no way they actually spent a pick on him if they didn't already know.

      Edelman is interesting. But I'm not sure the PATS will ever do a wildcat. With Brady and the cast he has around him why would you?

      The OL are going to have to prove themselves to Dante. I like O'Callaghan but if he doesn't take the next step now then he will be in the same boat as Kaczur and Hobbs. Good backup material but not a stud. We'll see about them. I have no opinion yet.

      Gentlemen, remember the name Jermail Porter. I have a gut feeling he'll be our starting T within two years and be an anchor for more than a decade.

      I have thought since the day I heard Jason Taylor was cut that he'd be a PATRIOT. I still think so. In fact I think he has a handshake deal in place already. Our team is deep. Real deep, but if Guyton does't show a big jump this year and Bruschi can't hold up (and Seau surfs) then one ILB position is iffy. Without Taylor, one OLB position is also iffy unless someone takes a huge jump. That is the only question we have going forward...IMHO.

      I think that we will put up a LOT of points with Brady back and teams will have to throw the ball to try to stay with us. Our sub packages will be the key. Sorry I've been so long winded.


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        ILB won't be "iffy". Worst case, Adalius Thomas shifts there if Alexander, Guyton, Bruschi, McKenzie, and Ruud can't get it done. Also the possibility of Crable moving inside in certain situations...


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          Why do you think Jermail Porter would be so good? Wrestling may be good background for football, but a guy who's never played in his LIFE? Neal played in high school at least and it took him a while to play guard.

          If he's to play tackle, that requires a lot of footspeed, quickness and agility which he may just not have. Just saying he seems kind of like a long shot, which is expected of any UDFA, I suppose.

          I liked the draft overall...surprised they didn't draft Jarron Gilbert though, he'd be a good replacement for Seymour, maybe they don't think he's big enough.

          Kind of a little po'd they took a 4th round guard who was the 20th guard ranked on some boards. Maybe he's special but there must be 10 other guys who are also that good, what is so great about him? He doesn't sound like he has the playing strength to root out huge DL. They have a history of drafting late round linemen who just get cut...Clint Oldenburger or actually sounds alot like this guy.

          Would have been happy if they'd have traded Maroney too and used a 5th on Javarris Williams of Tenn. State. There are still some good RBs available, Sheets from Purdue.


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            Originally posted by nepg View Post
            Also the possibility of Crable moving inside in certain situations...
            I don't think Crable will play inside at all. Doesn't have the instincts for it at all. Not all that great in coverage either. I think the best way we can bring Crable along is to just ask him to rush the passer initially. Giving him ILB responsibilities would be a mistake.

            R.I.P. Junior Seau


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              Originally posted by nepg View Post
              ILB won't be "iffy". Worst case, Adalius Thomas shifts there if Alexander, Guyton, Bruschi, McKenzie, and Ruud can't get it done. Also the possibility of Crable moving inside in certain situations...

              Crable won't move inside. I personally think our ILB will be fine, but if Bruschi takes another step back and we don't bring back Seau, then Guyton must bring it to the next level or one of our ILB spots will be sub par. Moving Thomas inside solidifies ILB but then both OLB will be question marks.

              All I'm saying is that we have to have some people step it up at LB (1 inside and 1 outside).

              Taylor will solve the OLB question because I feel comfortable with our current depth.

              Inside Guyton is the key. If he can take it to the next level then we'll be fine. Bruschi is most likely playing his last year. His contract is up and unless he was playing hurt last year he has lost at least a step if not more. Seau I think can still bring it but he most likely won't be back. McKenzie could be good in a year but to count on a rookie is risky.

              Outside is a bigger problem unless they bring in Taylor. That doesn't mean we won't be fine but compared to the rest of our roster one of the OLB spots is (at this time) weaker then our other positions.


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                I look at it this way regarding the lack of an OLB in the draft. Which of the OLB's would have come in here and really made an impact in terms of improving the pass rush?

                I think we all have pretty much overestimated the OLB's in this draft. My guess would be the only one that could come in as a rookie and generate more than say 5 or 6 sacks would be Maybin, and that's about all he would do because he'd be terrible on running plays.. not to mention he was unvailable anyway. I thought maybe Everette Brown could be an impact pass rusher but obviously the Pats (and every other team) didn't feel that way. BB made it clear his size was the issue there.

                So while some of these guys could develop into good players, I don't think any of them would have solved the lack of pass rush problem this year. They could develop into good pass rushers, but then so could Crable and/or Redd. I'm sure the Pats will be able to generate at least 5 or 6 sacks with whomever they put in there this year. Crable and Redd can get after the QB, even if that's all they are used for.

                If the pass rush is still a problem this year then they can address it again in next year's draft and free agency.

                On the other hand, if BB wants to give up 2 first rounders and sign Terrell Suggs who is franchised right now to an offer, I'd be all for that.
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