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Patriots interested in Michael Vick?

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    Originally posted by RavenOfProphecy View Post
    I think you're overrating O'Connell's ability to throw the ball. This guy wasn't even really a good passer in college. He has a big arm and some mobility. Michael Vick has a world-class arm and mobility. O'Connell was picked in the off-chance he had to spot start a game, or as future trade bait in hopes that the team could develop him to his full potential. Vick is definitely a better quarterback than him. For someone with a great track record as a starting QB (three Pro Bowls, high winning percentage, NFC Championship appearance), Vick gets a lot of hate.
    I agree that Vick does get a bit too much hate for his abilities as a passer but if he is picked up by the Patriots it won't be for him to hold Brady's clipboard. Vick will be taken by one of two types of team

    1-A team with no QB and need to do something ie San Francisco, Minnesota etc

    2-A team with an established QB who will want Vick to have about 15-20 snaps(not all of which he will touch the ball) ie New England

    O'Connell was taken last year as a project and either long-term solution or at very worst stop gap for life post-Brady. It would be very similar to what the Dolphins done this year. Chad Henne is almost the future QB but on game day Pat White will dress as the #2 behind Pennington. If Brady was to go down with both O'Connell and Vick I would suspect O'Connell would be the starter because the offense is very complicated and Vick wouldn't even have a full offseason to get used to it, plus he is in no shape to start for any team at the minute.

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      Vick does get a lot of hate. Even before his dogfighting scandal he was rarely well regarded. He is a good QB and decent leader who can make any throw.

      But he's not a pocket passer type of QB. He was always best on roll-outs and that is not something that NE does much. BB would certainly add it to the play book, but I just don't see Vick playing for a team like NE. He would be best served going to a team that needs a number 1 QB. I will be shocked if he does otherwise.

      My guess is he will get re-instated (as he should) and will sign with a team that has no true solution. SF, Minne this year and a dozen teams that may see the need for a change by mid-season (Buff, Seattle, Cleve, Denver, Oak, etc.)

      Considering he won't necessarily have the chance to prove he's in football shape until mid-summer, the most likely scenario is Vick getting signed by a team close to the beginning of the pre-season if they really need one now, or else late in the season once a team is out of contention and doesn't have to worry so much about the incoming media storm.

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        As a huge fan of Michael Vick, I'm looking at this situation long term, and which opportunity is best for him towards re-establishing himself as an NFL QB.

        The more I think about it, the Pats would be an ideal situation, whether or not it's second or 3rd string QB.

        Vick would benefit greatly being coached by a staff that has a reputation for developing raw prospects into very productive NFL QBs.

        With Tom Brady entrenched as the starter until he chooses to retire, Vick could use the bench time getting re-adjusted to being a pro football player again.

        All the crap about PETA, that's not going to go on forever, and any protests will only happen outside the stadium, not on the field or in the stands.

        Two years on the Pats roster sitting behind Brady, and Vick will be a better QB than he ever was before with the Falcons.

        After cooling it with the Pats for a while, keeping a clean record and avoiding any off the field controversy, he will be in a position to write his own ticket.

        Also, the Pats are a strong enough organization to fend off any negative media coverage from pro animal rights advocates.

        Just as a fan, my whole perception of the Pats would change if they signed Vick.
        He's not a real need for them, and on some level this would be a huge good samaritan gesture by Robert Kraft and Belichick.

        I don't know how realistic it is that Vick will sign with the Pats, but if they offer he should be in Foxboro before sundown.



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