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    I haven't been able to watch any preseason games.
    How has the team looked? Specifically the rookies, CBs and LBs
    Woods, Crable, TBC, Elderman, Brace, Butler, Vollmer, Hoyer, Walter, Burgess???
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    I'm in Mississippi so I haven't been able to catch everything, but out of the guys you listed here's my take.

    Woods-Seems to be same old same old, I haven't really noticed him when he's on the field. We need him to show up this year.

    Crable-See Woods

    TBC-The one game I saw him he actually got to the QB a few times, we need a pass rusher to step up and I wouldn't expect it to be him but if he does I won't be complaining.

    Burgess-Looked good from what I saw against the Eagles, but that was when we were playing a 4 man front. Didn't get to the QB when I watched him but generated some pressure and did a good job forcing a run inside.

    Edelman-Beast. Has potential as a slot/returner. Took a punt back to the house and had a great all-around game against Philly.

    Brace-Been hearing all about his potential and how he will contribute at NT as well as DE, but I really didn't see too much of him.

    Butler-Definitely looks on a different level athletically then the rest of our corners, but he is very raw. He has the potential to be a big time playmaker.

    Vollmer-From what I hear he has looked good, I am really excited about Sea Bass.

    Hoyer-Looked OK when I saw him. Good enough for us to get rid of Gutierrez and O'Connell apparently.

    Walter-Didn't impress me but again apparently the staff liked him more than O'Connel.

    Some others:

    Fred Taylor-Not too thrilled with what I've seen from him, especially while pass blocking.

    Galloway-Doesn't look like he is what we expected so far.

    Chung-All over the field, he looks like he will be ready to contribute. Will be a demon on special teams.

    Chris Baker-Will make an impact at TE I think.


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      Woods - He looks fine, nothing super bad or great he's done.

      Crable - He's looked bad, I doubt he starts and he might not make the team.

      TBC - Has looked good, I think he'll play pretty substantially.

      Elderman - Great performance, has locked up a roster spot.

      Brace - Haven't really noticed him much.

      Butler - Hasn't done that good of a job, I think he's the #4 CB most likely.

      Vollmer - Has been okay, nothing really special. Not terrible though.

      Hoyer - I was impressed in the one game I saw him in. Should make the team.

      Walter - Not really enough to evaluate him yet. I like what I've heard in

      Burgess - Has done a really nice job from what I've seen, except in run defense.


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        I was really impressed with Vollmer against the Redskins. He handled Orakpo pretty well on the left side, and made Kaczur look expendable on the right side.

        TBC has picked up right where he left off a couple years ago. I'm really excited to see him back out there.


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          I'm cheating with a C&P from another thread. lol

          From 8/21 after the Bengals game - let's see how I did - new comments bolded.

          Originally posted by FlyingElvis View Post
          I think we see a fight for the #3 TE spot between Smith & Watson. OMFG did Smith wiff on a blitz for a sack. Hoyer got killed b/c of him and that's the type of play that gets a guy cut. However, without seeing anything of Watson it's tough to say he will make it instead of Smith. I highly doubt we keep 4, but it's a tough call b/c of Thomas' H-back role.

          Baker has been playing with the 1st team and Watson with 2nd and 3rd, even 4th. I'm not sure who gets the ax but it certainly won't be Baker.

          Maroney could be the odd man out, but I doubt it. Taylor looked old and relatively slow. Morris is old and hasn't seen any action. BJGE looked solid but it's important to remember he was playing the 3rd stringers. I still see no way we cut Maroney due to his age and low cost. But I would be shocked if we carry 5 RBs so I'm thinking Morris may be heading for the injury/pup games BB loves to play. Personally, after watching Taylor miss an inside blitz pickup and being duly unimpressed with the old boy - don't be shocked if he's the one cut.

          As others have mentioned, Fred has been ok, not great. Maroney still can't put his shoulder down and push into a pile for 3 yards when there's no hole. BJGE, on the other hand, does exactly that. Personally, I'm still holding out hope for Maroney but it's a pretty weak grasp. Faulk was banged up and Morris hasn't played so it's tough to call but someone is getting cut.

          Boy were we right in begging for an immediate upgrade at RT. Nick not only got burned on the speed rush - barely even getting a hand on Geathers on his way to crushing Brady - but he was also pushed around by power several times. Having your RT 2 yards deep in pass pro is not a good thing.

          Nick was replaced in the starting lineup after his abortion of a performance against Cincy. Vollmer looked good but I'm not sold on him being an upgrade due to his inexperience. Frankly, I worry about Brady with either guy there, but at least Vollmer has upside.

          I'm not sure what is going on with Walter but he needs to get some action in soon or he'll be out before ever dressing in a Pats uni. Hoyer looked very impressive with his reads, accuracy and overall command of the spread offense. A rookie FA signing . . . he sure didn't look it last night. Again, I know it's preseason & 3rd string players, but so is he. Avoiding sacks (throwing on 1st down in your own endzone??) and feeling pressure, making good decisions and great looking arm strength & accuracy make a great impression.

          Someone pointed out to me that Walter had played in the 1st game but I missed the 2nd half so I missed it. Clearly the staff saw enough in Hoyer to cut KO. I completely agree with the decision. This kid Hoyer looked very good.

          Similar to RB, the old vet added in the offseason is not impressing me. Galloway has had a 2 game case of the dropsies and has not looked at all like the speed burner he used to be. Nunn made enough plays last night to secure a spot, imo. Not that my opinion matters, however, so who knows if he makes the team. Same thing applies - playing against 3rd stringers . . .

          Galloway showed why he was cut by Tampa. Tampa! Go ahead, name a WR other than Antonio Bryant on the Bucs roster. lol He dropped too many balls and didn't look like he had any speed. Pink slip is on it's way . . .
          Damn, damn and damn did Butler look great. He'll be starting game one opposite Bodden regardless of the current depth chart. Wilhite has looked good, Wheatley has not. Still, I like our depth there now. With no Springs so far it's tough to say what the final cuts will be at the CB spot.

          Spot on, FlyingElvis, spot on. lol
          It definitely looks like Tully will be the pass rush specialist. I'm ok with that but will still be thoroughly pissed off watching several players on other teams turn into pass rushing studs that BB et al passed on in our epic slide into round 2 in the draft.

          Mayo already has a sack and several pressures in quite a few blitzes. He looks like he's improved and that is just frightening. Adalius, Tully, Woods and Guyton all have a sack, too.

          Titus Adams has been very impressive - also recorded a sack along the way. Brace looks like a typical rookie DL prospect. Great plays where he stands up a double team and not so great plays where he's washed out by a solo guard. Overall he has shown enough to impress, imo.

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            Just a few things that I have observed through the preseason. Firstly outside of AD and Burgess there will be no superstar pass pushers however throughout a combination of Woods, Crable and TBC the sack totals will be up on last year. Secondly the 3rd WR spot may be a position of concern and at this point seems Greg Lewis' to lose as Galloway has really disappointed. Thirdly I have been very impressed with a number of rookies. Obviously there will be growing pains however Vollmer, Brace, Butler, Edelman and Prior have all impressed with their play and Chung looks like he could have a Michael Griffen-esque impact on special teams. Also one player I really want to make the roster is Terrence Nunn

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              Woods- Woods has looked ok. Nothing spectacular, but nothing blunderous either.

              Crable- More or less the same as woods. He looked pretty good at times, and inexperienced at others.

              TBC- Same as he was the last time he was in NE. Can get to the QB some, but not very consistently, and is nothing more than solid at best.

              Eldelman- Had a fantastic game against Philly, and has a solid pre-season/TC thus far. He should make the roster and hopefully progress nicely.

              Brace- BB was very happy with his performance after the Cincy game, IIRC, may have been the Philly game. Per usual with run stuffing DL, you wont see a ton about him unless you are actually looking for him in games.

              Butler- Has had a very up and down TC/pre-season. His ups have been great, and his downs have been pretty bad, but more ups than downs, and he is VERY athletic. #3-4 CB this year behind Bodden, Wilhite, and Springs.

              Vollmer- Oh man do I love this pick right now. I've been watching him specifically as I played OL and he is someone I hope to be the LT of the future. He owned Orakpo against Washington, and has looked very solid thus far. Growing pains are to be expected of course, but a very promising young lineman to say the least.

              Hoyer & Walter- Both have looked fairly solid (first year in the system so mistakes are to be expected), and as others have said, the coaching staff clearly saw more in them than in KO or Gutz.

              Burgess- He has looked pretty good when he has been in there. Didn't actually reach the QB alot, but was a disruption in the backfield on passing downs alot. Would like to see more of him at 3-4 OLB.

              Taylor- I'm gonna disagree with most on here and say that he has looked pretty good to me. He always falls forward, runs hard, and still has some giddy up in his step. Clearly not the back he once was, but he has some gas left in the tank, that's for sure.

              Galloway- I think he hasn't been great, but hasn't been THAT bad. He will definitely make the team (along with Lewis) IMO, and I think he will contribute.
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                I'm only expecting out of Taylor what they got in the latter years of Corey Dillon's tenure. Anything more is gravy.


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                  Yea, Taylor is nothing but depth in my eyes. I still have my fingers crossed on Maroney
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