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Bills at Patriots-Week 1

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  • Bills at Patriots-Week 1

    Just a few thoughts about how things could and should turn out.

    New England Patriots offense vs Buffalo Bills defense

    Brady's back! It's what everyone has been waiting for since about 7 mins left in the first quarter of the first game last year. If Brady can regain even close to his 2007 form without having to take a lot of time to settle in then this season could be fun. For me the main problem is going to be protecting him. Luckily in week one, the Bills don't exactly have a terrifying pass rush. Terrence McGee and Leodis McKelvin are a good pair of CBs, however when the Patriots spread them in a 4 WR set then the defense will be exposed. I expect to see a lot of blitzing from the Bills to see if Brady has any nerves hanging in the pocket after his injury however if they don't get there then it could spell trouble.

    The Patriots RBs lack a true feature back, however the combination of Maroney, Taylor, Morris, Faulk and BJGE should combine for around 120yds on the ground against a Bills defense which, apart from Stroud and Posluzny isn't very stout. I also don't think the Poz has the athleticism to man up on Faulk out of the backfield.

    In the passing game the Bills will have no choice but to at least double Moss who had 4 TDs in the first half the last time these two teams played. Another problem I see for the Bills CBs is Randy Moss is listed as 6'4'', both McKelvin and McGee are listed as under 6 feet. I fully expect McKelvin and Bryan Scott to double Moss most of the day and with McGee covering Galloway. Wes Welker is my tip to have a very good day on Monday night. I'm thinking roughly 8-10 catches for approximately 100 yards and a TD.

    Advantage Patriots offense.

    Buffalo Bills offense vs New England Patriots defense

    Getcha popcorn ready, it's TO time. TO and Lee Evans form a formidable starting WR duo. Make or break year this year for Trent Edwards who needs to show if he can be the guy to bring the Bills forward or if they need to look elsewhere, and with the issues on the O-line it isn't looking good.

    Marshawn Lynch is suspended for the start of the season so it will be Fred Jackson who gets the bulk of the carries in this game. The loss of Richard Seymour will hurt when the Patriots are in the 30 front, however I feel that 4 man fronts will be used extensively, particularly in this game. The two WRs will force the Patriots defense to play honest and not load the box so I expect to see Warren, Wilfork, Brace/Pryor and Green on any down that is not an obvious passing down. With Mayo behind that line I fully expect the Patriots defense to shut down the running game.

    The Bills have been stockloading Wrs in recent years to the extent that James Hardy who was picked high last year is buried on the depth chart. I think Buffalo's best chance in this game is to keep it close and use a lot of play action and throwing on first down against the above-mentioned defensive line. If the Patriots offense can put up quick points then the Bills will be forced to abandon the running game which will play into Belichick's hands. I fully expect when the Bills come out passing to be playing a 4 man front again. This time it will be Green, Warren, Wilfork/Brace/Pryor and Burgess. I also expect AD to blitz a lot from SAM. With the upgraded secondary and an inexperienced offensive line playing the first game of the season for Buffalo I expect the Patriots to have a very good night on defense.

    Advantage Patriots defense.

    Special Teams

    The Bills have had one of the best special teams units for the last number of years. Recently the Patriots have lost a number of special teams aces such as Larry Izzo, Kelley Washington etc. Both teams have good punters and good kickers. It will be interesting to see how each side fares with the new rule about the wedge. With Roscoe Parrish and Leodis McKelvin as return men the Bills may get consistent good field position and maybe a score or two. While Edelman, Welker, Faulk, Wheatley, Butler all have shown something in the kick and punt return situations, none offer the same threat as Buffalo.

    Advantage Buffalo special teams.


    Buffalo Bills 13-34 New England Patriots

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    The Bills may try to use play action but it's not likely to be effective since their line is so bad they won't be able to run in the first place.

    The only concern I have for this team is a potential flop because of the last minute trade of Richard Seymour. Does it really have to be the Bills in week one after a major roster shake up?

    Nice write up.

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      Pats* 51 - Bills 6


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        Originally posted by FlyingElvis View Post
        The Bills may try to use play action but it's not likely to be effective since their line is so bad they won't be able to run in the first place.

        The only concern I have for this team is a potential flop because of the last minute trade of Richard Seymour. Does it really have to be the Bills in week one after a major roster shake up?

        Nice write up.
        Haha, right? 31-0 after Milloy is cut? I don't buy it. The offense is too much for the bills D to handle, and the O-line of the bills plays poorly. Pats all day.
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          It's annoying that we have to wait until Monday Night and that we also have to deal with the ESPN MNF crew during the Pats game...


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            Game Is Almost On!!!
            -Boston Red Sox-New England Patriots-Boston Celtics-


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              T. Brady looked good for his first game.
              Maroney looked good as well.

              Our DLine sucked though. We got no push until the 4th qtr
              What's up with Mayo? I hope it's not too serious.
              Guyton seemed to be a stem behind in every play

              Wilfork's PF call was ********. AT needs to stop piledriving QBs also.

              O- B-
              D- D
              ST- A
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                You guys got lucky this game was against the Bills, any other team would have keep the lead. No this is the Bills no lead is safe.


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                  Brady looked very good in the second half and decent in the first. Of course you have to love the GW drive and the stats (a lot of attempts/completions and yards), but the offense was obviously focusing on the short stuff and rarely went down the field. He threw one somewhat long ball to Galloway, but I don't know what happened there. Either a bad throw or he was getting rid of it. At the end of the game, when it counted, Brady made two beautiful throws to Watson splitting the safeties in that predictable cover 2.

                  When did Watson learn how to make an impact in the receiving game? He had one pretty bad drop, but other than that he was getting open and holding on to the ball. If he plays like that this year then that would be huge.

                  Maroney looked like he was playing with a purpose, too. He slowed down and didn't get as many carries at the end but early on he was bursting through the hole like he hasn't done since his rookie year. He had one nice and natural looking catch as well.

                  Adailus, **** yeah. I know he had a dumb penalty and didn't do too much in the beginning, but he beasted at the end and that last spin move for the sack was down right filthy.

                  Meriweather was a step late at times but he was playing to hurt people and make plays. We need that from him. That hit and FF on that kickoff was an amazing play.

                  Moss/Welker each had a drop or two, but they were extremely productive. Moss looked like he was playing with passion as did Welker, but we come to expect that from Welker. Moss is a stud but we all know he doesn't always go all out, today he was busting his ass.

                  Didn't see too much from James Sanders, but he was coming in and finishing hits. Was playing deep a lot I think, I didn't really key on him.

                  I was pretty impressed with the secondary in general. No big plays, they were willing to hit, and they really limited TO and Evans to nothing. Butler had a real nice break on the ball and almost picked it off. Bodden looked very physical, I was impressed with him and the secondarys coverage on TO in general. Wilhite looked like he was around some receptions but he was throwing his body around.

                  Wilfork was in the backfield all day. He could've made some tackles back therre but his disruption was incredible and the LBs should've been taking advantage of it, oh wait we don't have any...

                  TBC generated some pressure and was being pretty disruptive.


                  Matt Light. Schoebel raped him in every facet of the game. I liked seeing Sea Bass get some reps.

                  Too much overpursuit by the front 7. We got killed on screens and draws by going upfield too much and not being aware.

                  Why couldn't we capitalize on our opporitunities?

                  Pierre Woods just isn't a starter. He looked lost and was really out of position on Shawn Nelsons TE catch.

                  Overall, it may seem like I put too much positives but we were a different team in the second half. Loved seeing Brady pull of a come back, but we definitely need work as a team.


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                    Great writeup Vito. I posted some stuff in the game day thread, but I got home late so I'm not sure anybody saw them.

                    There was a lot of good and a lot of bad in this game. Very frustrating to have it even come down to that. We should have been up by at least three scores.

                    As far as Brady and the passing attack went, it was really a tale of two halves. In the first, Brady was defiantly off and missed pretty badly on some balls. It might not show up in the stat sheet, but he didn't have Brady-like placement on a lot of balls. That's partially why the short passing game wasn't as effective for us this game as it has been in years past. That has to do with rushing things as well. He wasn't really looking for the play to develop if the first half of the game. All and all, we were just out of sync. It was particularly pailful in the red zone. Where were the cheap slants and crossing patterns? The Bills did a good job at containing and tackling in the open field, but I honestly believe that with better timing and ball placement, we would have had three or four more YPC for both Moss and Welker. I wasn't really impressed with the way we called plays tonight either. The couple times we did take shots it looked like it was working. I'm not sure why we didn't go down the seam a bit more passing. Watson was EXCELLENT tonight when we were doing this. If he can play like this all season I think we'll all be very happy. Didn't really go outside much either. Brady missed a couple passes there early, but there were oppurtunities there. All and all, we didn't have the timing we had a few years ago or even towards the end of last year with Cassel. The good news is that this is probably extremely correctable without a whole hell of a lot of effort, and should drastically improve over the course of the season.

                    Maroney looked really good hitting the hole on draws in the first half. That's really where he's at his best I think, on one cut and go draw plays. He still looks awful when there isn't open field in front of him. He starts moving his feet WAAAY too much and doesn't have the drive to win battles when there isn't space. It's a shame given his size and speed. Fred Taylor looked alright on a few plays, but we're clearly not getting the guy who used to be one of the top runners in the league. Still, it was nice to see a guy actually go into a scrum instead of slowing up. Kevin Faulk played his ass off again tonight and really deserves all the praise he gets as the one of the best third down specialists in the league. Blocked well all game and made a visible impact as a receiver.

                    Didn't like the play out of the line at all today. Schobel absolutely abused Light and honestly, it might be time to start looking for a better tackle in the next couple drafts. I've just never liked the guy and tonight was a classic example as to why I've had reservations about him. The right side of our line didn't look too spectacular either. That's an area that we need to look to improve upon at some point as well. As a unit, it wasn't a bad game, but Light looked horrible.

                    Defensively, we looked young. That's the best way I think I can describe it. Our secondary looked great covering receivers, but as far as secondary help on runs to the outside, we were getting killed. We really missed Mayo the range of Mayo in the middle today, and hopefully it wasn't too serious. It didn't look too bad, but those knee injuries are never any fun at all. The most frustrating part of this game was the completely atypical lack of awareness we showed. We were getting absolutely murdered on mental plays today. Everytime the Bills went to a screen or a draw, we weren't in position at all and reacted to it late. Just horrible. Once we got there, we showed poor closing skills. There were a lot of plays that went for big yards because we over pursued or just didn't get in position. The pass rush really showed up in the second half, and Tully looks comfortable playing in a Patriots uniform again. Burgess got some pretty good pressure off the edge at times as well.

                    Overall, I think rust is our biggest problem right now offensively. The timing and rhythm will come eventually though, and we watched the offense get better before our eyes tonight. Our offensive line needs to play better, particularly in blocking for the run, but that's something we've showed that we just aren't very good at by now. But if you're going to have a finesses line, you damn sure better win against the pass rush. We were doing that most of the time, but there's not much to excuse Light's play.

                    It was a bit messy....but seriously, he's back guys!

                    R.I.P. Junior Seau


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                      I just wanted to drop in and say, that those were the best looking throwback unis i've seen yet. If they wore those all season I think it would be the bomb-diggity.


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                        Yeah I love the Pat the Patriot era throwbacks, my favorite helmets in pro football. The Bills ones were real nice too, I would have no problem to seeing the reds full time for the Pats.


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                          What a garbage win, but I'll take it. Bill O'Brien has a long way to go...


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                            Originally posted by Jay View Post
                            What a garbage win, but I'll take it. Bill O'Brien has a long way to go...
                            I agree about O'Brien. We just never really got rhythm offensively and the play calling had a lot to do with it.

                            R.I.P. Junior Seau


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                              I just wish they had the blue stripe down the middle of the helmet. Pat the Patriot throwbacks are easily my favorite, though I am also a fan of Buffalo's (they should always wear theirs considering how attrocious their normal uni's are now), Tennessee's, and Tampa Bay's (#2 imo).



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