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    so i have a question...

    what do you guys think of grabbing an ot or og in the first like iupati, buluga, campbell or williams to biuld a strong front five

    then the first second we trade it to someone for next years first

    the second second we trade for julius peppers (used at olb in the 3-4 everyone knows bb likes his OLB big)

    the third second we draft alex carrington (i say carrington to build a sold d-line with green and wilfork

    then in the 3rd we draft someone who fell (maybe rb unless we trade this pick for LT)

    In the fourth, we take blount

    in the fifth take a wr like cooper to be a speed wideout

    in the sixth we take a te

    in the seventh take juice williams to add another dimension to our offense with the wildcat or naything

    I think a d of
    peppers/mayo/thomas?/banta cain

    and an o-of

    oline: light/mankins/koppen/iupati/vollmer
    RB: LT or 3rd round pick/maroney/faulk/blount
    FB: morris
    WR: Moss/Welker/Edelman/Coooper/aiken
    TE: watson/baker/sixth rounder
    QB: brady/hoyer/juice williams

    in bold are newcomers

    then next year's draft get:
    cb patrick patterson from LSU to be our shutdown cb
    any of the WR...aj green or julio jones hopefully
    OLB mark herlizech

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    We already have a threads for all this stuff dude.

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      i'm angry at the thought of using a roster spot for juice williams


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        Yeah theres already a draft thread and a free agency/trade thread and a general discussion page but apart from that a few things.

        1. We dont have a 3rd or 5th rounder this year.

        2. While I think Peppers is a possibility I dont like the thought of his contract

        3. If we draft Alex Carrington that's fine. However Jarvis Green recently said he wants to test the free agent market and VW has expressed his annoyance over contract talks. So really the line of Carrington, Wilfork and Green may end up just Carrington. By the way Ty Warren's still there.

        4. If Bulaga is there at 22 i'd love to grab to grab him, if Iupati is there i'd love to grab him, not too sure about Campbell, if Trent Williams is there i'd love to grab him.

        5. Juice Williams makes me cry. Why would you do that to me???

        All this has been discussed as was mentioned in the draft thread so anything after should go in there.

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          my bad i did not notice it until after i posted it and yea i ment to say warren instead of green my bad



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