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  • Vince Wilfork talk.

    I wouldn't make a topic on this but Vince Wilfork was given the non-exclusive franchise tag.

    Yes, he was franchised and the Patriots may have to pay him 7 million this year, but at the same time he is free to negotiate with anyone in the league.

    It seems like a nice move by the Patriots to let him test the waters and then return for a 7 million dollar offer. Plus it allows them to know what Wilfork would command in the market.

    But why is it interesting? Simple. It's interesting because the Patriots didn't do it for those reasons and everyone knows it.

    Wilfork will be expensive long term (and justifiably worth it). But if a team wants him that bad (like a new 34 defense, a team transitioning, or a team about to lose their NT... or one with one that sucks), the Patriots would have 9 picks in the first two rounds in the next two drafts. I know, picks != players.

    However, 5 firsts and 4 seconds in two drafts would make this team an average age of like 19.

    Candidates for Wilfork? Miami would be an obvious one. How about Denver. They have a first and a disgruntled WR who won't likely be back. If they trade him for a first and a 3rd, turn around and cash in Wilfork... then their defense would be insane. The Bills are moving to a 34 defense...

    Lots of other candidates as well.

    My concern is that the Patriots are actually considering this though. This team is clearly taking a big risk piling it's hope into the draft. If they go through with this, the youth and immaturity on this team will be insane. It's like Belichick is backlogged with complaints from fans: "Your team is too old" has finally gotten to him when the team is actually too in-experienced. The same thing seems have happened when TEs and DBs were the main focus.

    It could be a favor to Vince, it could be a tactical move, or it could be a plunge off the cliff. Any thoughts?
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    I'd wonder if someone would give up 2 firsts for him. He definitely plays a premium position, and is one of the best in the game in that position. If they could get 2 firsts for Wilfork, that would really set them up for the future, Man. Imagine the talent the Pats could get with that. It'd be like the early 2000s all over again with a better Brady.

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      The question is, can they survive without Wilfork? What do they need to do to replace him in the short-term, and do they have a long-term answer?

      There are quite a few teams out there that, I believe, would seriously consider giving up 2 firsts for Wilfork. He's the best player at the most premium position in the NFL.


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        Wilfork is certainly an elite player, and I'm sure there are many teams that covet him. Adding two firsts would be nice but losing Vince would hurt, the thought of him in Miami is terrible.


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          Would the Pats offer him to teams in the division knowing how good he is..?
          Denver seems to make moves, Skins are moving to a 3-4 but I don't think theyd go after him.
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            The Patriots would have a right of first refusal, but I'm kind of wondering why they would even bother letting him take offers.
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              Originally posted by descendency View Post
              The Patriots would have a right of first refusal, but I'm kind of wondering why they would even bother letting him take offers.
              This was my concern too, especially when you consider that other teams could start telling him he's worth way more than what could reasonably be offered to him in an attempt to get him to avoid re-signing with New England.



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