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    This is who I feel fit the Patriots based on need and scheme, and willing to bet that some of these guys will be Patriots.

    Listed is players I feel that fit the pats type of scheme and would be suprised if a number of these guys were selected. Players I left out were ones that I think don't really fit us or will not be in position to draft.

    1st round

    DE – Jared Odrick – With BB’s history this makes too much sense and with a need for DE this could very easily be the pick. Odrick is tall with long arms, good character, and smart, can get upfield, and has the pass rush and athletic ability to collapse and chase down. Out of all the 1st round choices listed, he is the one with the least question marks, which is why he could be the choice. His stock is starting to rise though and DL are always overvalued, wouldn’t be surprised if he went to Denver if Buffalo or KC reached for Dan Williams or can go as low as the Jets pick.

    OLB - Sergio Kindle – He has the height, the arm length, the pass rush skills, experience in coverage and a recent Texas convert in Orakpo. So why is he not a top 15 pick? He still could go to a team like Miami or San Fran looking for a pass rusher, but he could also drop to us. I think it has to do with his character more than anything, but to me there aren’t huge red flags. I was also very unimpressed with his 10 yard split was pedestrian compared to other 3-4 converts. His pro day will decide whether he will be available for us or not.

    TE – Jermaine Gresham – Gresham has a very good chance of being our selection. He has good work ethic, he performed very well from coming off of an ACL injury under a year ago. He has big, natural hands that can snatch the ball from the air or a pile of defenders, decent in-line blocker with room to improve. Doesn’t have a sudden burst or lateral quickness but has decent RAC. Has the least questions to all other TE’s in draft. If not for injury would be a top 15 pick and higher ranked than Pettigrew from a year ago. A Team like Cincy or Baltimore would love to get him as well.

    G/C – Maurkice Pouncey – He is rated much higher than people think. Could go to either Denver, Pittsburgh and Cincy before he becomes available to us. A bigger center who can handle big nose tackles. Can player wither OG spot which is good with all three positions in flux for the future. Neal will retire after the next season, Mankins is a FA who could be looking at a BIG contract on the open market and price us out while Koppen could very easily be replaced as his high salary doesn’t fit his play in the past, especially against nose tackles.

    E/OLB – Brandon Graham – He is 4th on my list but I would love to get him, don’t see it though. He does some things that make me think BB will take a chance on him. He knows leverage and hand use more than anyone else in this draft and is very strong to use that leverage. He has a relentless motor that doesn’t stop but plays smart. Great run stopper for his size, really knows how to anchor down. Has played LB in but we still haven’t seen how fluid he really is in his drops yet, so that is a question needing to be answered but he is fast and quicker than one would think. My other question about him is about his leverage. Coming from a hand on the ground for him is to his advantage because of his quickness to get in position with his leverage and strength, but if he plays standing up and a few yards back his leverage won’t be used to his full advantage and could be washed by OT’s on running downs. That is the only thing that concerns me about him. He can go as high as Miami with 3-4 and 4-3 teams like SF, Tenn, Atl, Cincy all who can use his services

    E/OLB – Everson Griffen – Reminds me of Ayers from last year who I think BB would have taken if were available. He has the size he likes, knows how to anchor and seal, has played with his hand off the ground, and showed great straight line speed and strength at the combine. The negative on him is he did this for 1 year like Ayers and was benched last year in favor of Clay Matthews, so is it a motivation thing? The other thing was he didn’t look so swift in LB drills, but that could come in time. He can go as high as Seattle’s second first round pick or as low as New Orleans pick

    RB – Ryan Matthews – This guy keeps improving each time people see him. Inside runner with vision who makes 1 cut back and goes. Good size with speed that can stretch to the outside, also have an inside informant being Pat Hill. Has all the tools to be a workhorse and can go as high as Houston, doubt he will fall past San Diego.

    E/OLB – Carlos Dunlap – Dark horse here, BB has got to know Florida players more than anyone else so he will know about Dunlap’s maturity. He is a top 10 talent no doubt, in the mold of Julius Peppers, there is a part of me who thinks he can make the transition after dropping weight down to 266. He has all the tools BB likes in his elephant role and is only 20 years old. He can go as high as Seattle’s second 1st rounder and as low as early round 2.

    WR – Dez Bryant – This is like a 1% chance here, but Dez Bryant carries a top 7 grade for me and will be a game changer in the mold of Fitzgerald. There are so many rumors about this guy that he can fall hard. Some say won’t get out of top 15, others say round 2. He would eventually replace Moss as the number 1 who can get downfield and battle for the ball in the air and doesn’t mind going over the middle to take a big hit.

    CB – Kyle Wilson/Devin McCourty/Kareem Jackson – This is less than 1% shot because we just sign Boddin and have Springs and 3 young CB’s, but all 3 of these guys are perfect fits for the pats that offer size, speed, playmaking, tackling, blitzing, maturity and special teams team. Grabbing one of these guys would lock up a very young talented backfield for a long time.
    2nd round

    RB – Jahvid best – The guy has top 20 talent and reminds me of Ray Rice and a home run threat every time, adding this kind of speed is what is really missing in our backfield. Can also split outside and is a willing blocker. Concussions will worry teams, but that was the only case for him and it was a brutal hit and a scary thing to see on TV. Teams will covet him in round 2.

    RB – Dexter McCluster – Don’t be fooled by his 40 time this jitter bug plays fast. He isn’t a RB who can play WR. He is a RB and a WR that has a stronger more solid body than one would think. Great attitude, character, work ethic, smart, very good kick returner as well.

    WR – Golden Tate / Arrelious Benn / Damian Williams / Mardy Gilyard – All these WR’s seem to fit the Pots but also have questions with all. Tate shows a little bit of Steve Smith, compact and strong like a RB, good hands and knows how to get it. Cocky with a bad body, more straight line speed, not very quick side to side and will have trouble separating off of the line. Benn I really like, put him in another school like USC and he might be a top 20 pick. Big guy who moves well, great RAC who can go over the middle, great blocker but at times catches the ball with his body. Williams is nothing spectacular but gets the job done, not fast but a very savvy route runner with quick ins and outs, returner, similar to Steve Smith of the Giants, will be a dependant #2. Gilyard has the moxy of a #1, and knows how to separate. He is a long strider and can get in front of coverage’s but drops too many catchable balls and needs to sharpen his routes.

    TE – Rob Gronkowski – This all depends on his injury which raises question marks that he couldn’t perform at his pro day. If healthy he is a 1st round talent. Big guy with very soft hands and an above average blockers. It’s all about the health

    TE - Dennis Pita – Played more slot at BYU which hurts his chances of us selecting but displayed strong blocking in goal line situations at the senior bowl and showed his strength at the combine. Was the best looking TE at the combine, awesome hands, think Wes Welker when it comes to running routes. Will be 24 or 25 by the time the season starts.

    TE - Aaron Hernandez – Really showed up at his pro day, showing awesome speed and change of direction. He caught everything near him, can snatch the ball anywhere around him. Was used rarely to block, showed his strength by putting up plenty of reps but was mostly out of slot.

    DE – Tyson Alualu – A hardnosed, hard working non-stop motor, comes up a bit short one prototype DE’s but he played it at Cali and as looked great in the off season, I heard that the Pats have been watching him.

    OLB – Jerry Hughes – How can you not like this guy. He has the best first step of all the converts out there, was very fluid in LB drills, has the game tape to show his pass rush ability. Was this a factor playing against lesser opponents? Will he get washed out trying to seal the edge? He can go round 1 to a team like Arizona and will have plenty of teams looking at him in round 2, won’t go far in round 2 either.

    OLB – Ricky Sapp – has the size and athletic and pass rush ability BB loves to have. Would be an easy first round selection if not for knee troubles. Was playing the season less than full health which shows his toughness. His knee also has a red flag, this is something that could limit him for his whole career. I also question his stoutness against the run. For me, Clemson players have always shied away from being lunch pale players and seem more soft and lack strength than the other schools. Gaines Adams, Tye Hill for example.

    OLB – Koa Misi – This guy is so fluid he can play the SAM in a 4-3 and showed his ability to read and react in the senior bowl. DE convert like Paul Kruger form a year ago, but this guy is a hard worker, non-stop motor who will make the easiest transisiton from DE to LB. Has been moving up boards as well.

    MLB – Brandon Spikes – Ran a horrible 40 but I don’t care, game tape shows me he is a football player who knows how to read the QB’s eyes (4 int’s returned for TD’s) He would become the perfect complement to Mayo. He would play the Ted, the one tacking on the lineman at the LOS and is a strong blitzer, played some DE on passing situations. He has the size to play 3-4 OLB on passing downs which would allow Guyton to come in to play coverage. Will still be a 2-3 rounder, don’t listen to people saying 4-5.
    Patriots Draft 2015
    1. CB - Marcus Peters
    2. WR - Sammie Coates
    3. RB - David Johnson
    3. DT - Angelo Blackson
    4. OG - Tre Jackson
    4. DE - Za'Darius Smith
    5. LB - Ben Heeney
    6. TE - Wes Saxton
    7. OG - Jose Matais

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    3rd round trade up/down

    RB – Jonathan Dwyer – Could be a good power back for us, his off season has been bad you have to look at his freshman tape for a pro style offense. I think he is a gamble in round 2, but round 3 is nice value for a big back with good game tape.

    WR - Andre Roberts / Emmanuel Sanders – Both guys remind me of clones to Deon Branch, speedy, quick savvy route runners with solid hands. Sanders is more of a slot while Roberts showed he can play outside, think Greg Jennings.

    TE – Anthony McCoy / Jimmy Graham / Ed Dickson – McCoy is a complete TE who can surprise a lot of people, round 2 talent who has had a bad offseason. Jimmy Graham could end up being the best TE of the whole draft in 5 years, but he is raw. Dickson I really like, he is a decent blocker, has speed and hands, another TE who could surprise.

    G/T – Zane Beadles – former LT who will move to OG and play spot RT, tough player who plays better than tested, reminds me of Logan Mankins, might fit more of a power team than ours, but he is a versatile, smart player.

    C - Matt Tennant – Tennant is a lot like Koppen but has the frame to fill out, smart player who plays with technique.

    DE – Arthur Jones – Had him graded as a late 1st round pick before late season injuries which pushed him further down when he couldn’t perform at his pro day. Can play 5 tech, has very long arms and knows how to get in the backfield. Has taken over games at time and looks like a top 20 pick. Could be a steal if he falls this far.

    DE – Al Woods – The off season has really helped him and looks like another prototype 5 tech who is getting some serious attention posting good numbers with some very long arms. Didn’t always show up on tape that concerns me.

    OLB – Jermaine Cunningham – I was hoping to hear something form the pro day, but nothing. He is an above average run stopper and a good leader in the locker room, another Florida player who BB could have some inside info on. Would love to find out if he can stand up and play LB.

    OLB – Eric Norwood – If this guy was 6’4 he would be a first round pick, he looks great when going at the QB, looks a little lost dropping back, but you put on the tape and you see plays after plays. Can get some MLB looks as well. Similar to Bruschi (not comparing) from a size/production point of view.

    OLB – Brandon Lang – Helped himself to get this high at his pro day. He has the prototype size and showed fluid enough hips in coverage, good run stopper, not as much as a pass rusher as one would think, but he is a developing player.

    4th round

    RB - LeGarrette Blount – Reminds me of Corey Dillion, has nimble feet for such a big man and can really run down hil, breaks tons of tackles with his legs, with no character red flag would be a 2nd round pick.

    WR - Antonio Brown – Slot receiver caught a ton of balls, very quick with ins and outs, smooth routes

    WR - Donald Jones – He has the build and plays like a RB, was catching everything his way in the post season all stars. Good size with speed, could be a real find from a small school.

    WR - Joe Webb – Another QB to WR, but this guy has some serious athletic ability. At 6’3 225, had over 11’ broad and over 40” vertical, ran in the 4.4’s, hard working kid with good character. He was looking real good at the sr bowl at WR until injured.

    TE - Tony Moeaki – very underrated prospect who has been injured his whole Sr year, can block very well and is very fast. Would be ranked higher if not for injuries, keep an eye out for him, especially with the Iowa connection.

    TE - Andrew Quarless – Another physically gifted TE who came on this year, which questions the previous years, also has some red flags, but nothing serious, believe it was a DUI he said he has learned from, has all the tools and is developing.

    G/T - Kyle Calloway – Can play RT or OG, nothing spectacular, just consistent and overlooked with Bulaga on the other side.

    G/T - Marshall Newhouse – Played OT but is better fitted at OG, could play some RT, has very long arms for his height (6’-3.5”) but has some great nimble feet for his weight (328)

    OLB - Cameron Sheffield - Looked very smooth in LB drills and has been overlooked with teammate Brandon Lang

    OLB - George Selvie – Has really fallen off since his So. year, but he has the arm length, weight, height, character, work ethic you love to see, not sure he has the hips to drop and would be better served as a Mathis type of roll splitting wide with a hand on the ground.

    CB - Javier Arenas – How can u not like this guy, if he had speed he would be a solid 2nd round pick, knows hot blitz and come up to defend the run. Reminds me so much of Winfield of Minny, can also return kicks effectively. I think he can develop into a hardnosed tough nickel corner

    CB - Devin Ross – Like Arenas, he lacks the height and speed, but makes up for it with toughness, instincts, COD and explosion.

    6th round & 7th round

    RB - Deji Karim – Small Small school player who ran 1,700 yards who times in the 4.4’s at 5’9 210, compact player who tore off one cut runs and screens for TD’s

    RB - Lonyae Miller – Played behind Matthews and doesn’t have the vision of a early round RB, but is a big downhill runner who looked good at the Sr bowl, until he fumbled.

    FB - Rashawn Jackson – FB who can run, catch and pick up the blitz

    WR - Danario Alexander – Could be a Colston type of WR, played in spread and might have separation issues in the NFL, very good route runner with hands, can become a late round steal.

    WR - Riley Cooper – I heard as high as round 2 or 3, I just don’t see it with the amount of depth in this draft. Solid player with above average straight line speed, will become a good 4th WR, red zone target, ST demon type.

    WR - Jeremy Williams – above average run blocker who doesn’t have the speed to stretch the field, but makes difficult catches over the middle, reminds me of Gaffney a little bit.

    WR - Shay Hodge – Hodge, just like Williams lacks the deep speed, but not as good catching in traffic.

    WR - Blair White – How can u not like this guy, will be 4 or 5 with ST play, but good size at 6’2 and straight line speed, will have separation issues as all WR taken around this area, solid hands.

    TE - Clay Harbor – Small school who might go in 4th/5th round region, tough willing blocker and can stretch the field. Will take some time because form a small school.

    TE - Colin Peek – Good blocker, ok hands, knows how to sit in space.

    TE - Nate Byham – Best blocking TE showed better speed than usual at pro day

    G/T - Mike Tepper – Tough run blocking RT in a spread offense that can play some OG

    DE - Vince Oghobaase – Was once touted as 2nd round talent, fell due to injuries, motivation, has the size and technique you want in a 3-4 DE, could be another late round steal.

    DE - Doug Worthington – was used wrong in Ohio State, was made for the 3-4 and could have a long career.

    DE - Brandon Deaderick – I am really surprised he hasn’t had the year and offseason I expected, good character guy who can penetrate, played for Saban.

    DE - Lorenzo Washington – Another Alabama player who would be a 3-4 end.

    OLB - Daniel Te'o-Nesheim – you look at his numbers and think he is a 3-4 OLB 2nd round pick, even had a great pro day, not sure where he ends up or what position, maybe that is his problem, I would figure between round 5-7.

    OLB - Kevin Basped – read Above, a lot of Nevada players come out and have success at LB so I follow the pedigree on this one, the size and numbers BB likes to see

    CB - Jamar Wall – Got injured at pro day and is similar to Ross and Arenas but thicker.

    S - Justin Woodall – Alabama captain who was a leader on the field will be a ST demon in the NFL but will struggle at coverage, could replace McGowan.
    Patriots Draft 2015
    1. CB - Marcus Peters
    2. WR - Sammie Coates
    3. RB - David Johnson
    3. DT - Angelo Blackson
    4. OG - Tre Jackson
    4. DE - Za'Darius Smith
    5. LB - Ben Heeney
    6. TE - Wes Saxton
    7. OG - Jose Matais


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      great stuff guys

      Thanks to BoneKrusher for this amazing sig!

      Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!


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        Well this pretty much covers it, doesn't it? I could certainly see the Pats grabbing several of these guys.
        2012 Patriots Anti-Draft

        1 - Anyone but Shea McClellin, Derek Wolfe, Peter Konz, Kendall Reyes, Harrison Smith, Whitney Mercilus or a RB

        2 Anyone but McClellin, Wolfe, Doug Martin or an OT

        3 Anyone but Wolfe



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          No Jason Worilds?

          I think he would be a steal in the late 2nd early 3rd ( trade down ). Had the fastest 3 cone of any LB at the combine & if you watch the tape he has an amazing 1st step.

          If we lose out on Graham & Hughes I wouldnt mind Worilds as a consilation prize.



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