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  • Pats only mock of boredom

    I don't know what the hell is going to happen. I won't even pretend this is perfect. There were a lot of things I wanted to do and I think I added players at spots I think the Pats need. Read: DE/LB. My goal was to really beef that spot up. I surprised myself by not grabbing the LB's and taking the DE's instead. Ty Warren needs to be pushed. Seymour needs to be replaced. We could see a bit more 4-3 moving forward. I know I have read that Belichick likes taking guys on both sides of the trenches when all else fails.

    Trade: Patriots trade pick 22 to San Diego for pick 28 and 91. San Diego selects DT Dan Williams. Value is close, I think SD gives us 16 points.

    1 (28). Jared Odrick - DE - Penn State

    The value in trading down was there, and I can guarantee there will be a trade or two, so I figured I'd include one here. I am not in love with adding another rookie to this draft pool, but I think it works out. Jared Odrick is versatile in that he can slide inside on a 4-3 or man the outside in a 3-4. He has a huge body and I think he'd be pretty ideal at this spot. Replacing Richard Seymour is definitely a priority in my mind.

    2 (44). Ricky Sapp - DE/LB - Clemson

    It's no secret that the pass rushing situation is awful, and I think Ricky Sapp will help that situation.

    2 (47). Jon Asamoah - G - Illinois

    In my last draft, I had us taking Mike Iaputi in the first. This time, I go with Asamoah in the second. Stephan Neal is oft-injured and set to retire soon and Logan Mankins could be an unrestricted free agent after this year. Belichick loves drafting linemen so this seems to fit the direction the Pats may go.

    2 (53). Tyson Alualu DE - California

    I'm not going to lie, I wasn't that high on this kid until I saw so many people hyping him up. So I checked him out and I understand the excitement. This guy doesn't come with an off button, and he plays with a ton of pride and passion. Seems like a "Patriots" kind of player. Plus, we need a Samoan with long hair so we can meet the quota.

    3 (91). Emmanuel Sanders WR Southern Methodist

    I watch this guy play and I see Deion Branch. He's athletic, he can make the circus catch, he has decent size. I think he could be a really good one.

    4 (119). Eric Norwood - LB - South Carolina

    He very clearly may not be here at this point, but I am pretending he is. Another LB that can get to the QB. I am under the impression he can play inside as well.

    6 (190). Andre Dixon - RB - Connecticut

    I don't think RB is much of a priority in this draft. Dixon put up some good numbers in the Big East and since he split a lot of time with Donald Brown, he may have fresher wheels then some of the earlier guys.

    6 (205). Zoltan Mesko - P - Michigan

    We need a punter. They actually brought him into Foxboro. It makes sense.

    7 (229). O'Brien Schoefield - LB - Wisconsin

    With so many picks, not everyone is going to make the team. Schofield could have been a pretty high pick if not for his knee injury. He may never play a game for the Pats, but this is house money, and they can stash him away on IR and let him red shirt this year while he gets healthy.

    7 (231). Seyi Ajirotutu - WR - Fresno State

    He's got a big body and some decent speed. Belichick has the Fresno State connection and this kid could be a decent development guy.

    7 (247). Dominic Randolph - QB - Holy Cross

    It's a craps shoot this late. I drive by Holy Cross Stadium every day, so clearly that means Randolph will be a Patriot.

    7 (248). Michael Hoomanawanui - TE - Illinois

    He's advertised as a solid blocker and that is what the Pats need most at this position.

    7 (250). Sam Young OT Notre Dame

    Who knows who will be here at this point and who won't be. I'm pretending Sam Young is. He's big and went to a school that plays a high level of competition. Maybe he'll be good, maybe he won't be. He's my last pick here.

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    Nice work Jay. I don't think that Alualu is going to be the pick where when we already got Odrick. Warren is a very good 5-tech and is locked up until 2014. If you draft a guy in the second you expect him to play. If we switch to the 4-3 I can see Alualu being the pick there, otherwise I can't. Other that that I like you mock. Not sure if Sam Young fits the mold of a BB lineman, but he certainly has value at that point in the draft.

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    I'm a whiny little kunt. Feel sorry for me as I go masturbate to a picture of my mom dressed as a teletubby.


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      My thought process was this: I am a little disappointed in Warren myself. I want a guy that can push him. I don't know if Alualu is going to be a star in this league, but I do think he will be a very, very good rotational guy. If anything, I'd say he is a better version of Mike Wright. At that point, I expect most of the best LB's to be gone. That was the hardest pick for me to make, but there is something about that kid that just screams Patriots. I think they will find ways to get him on the field.

      I know we added a lot of decent defensive linemen last draft too, but I read a huge article on Belichick in ESPN the Mag before the season and he loves drafting linemen. Both sides of the ball. He feels like you can never have enough. I think Warren has lived off his under-rated reputation for a little too long and it's never a guarantee he sees the end of that deal, and it is certainly not a guarantee Alualu or even Odrick will be ready and able to step in and play a huge role from the word go, either. If anything, I'd expect Alualu to follow a similar pattern to Brace last year. Fighting to get in the lineup.

      I understand where what you mean and it is definitely a valid argument.


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        It's a nice mock really like it. But to say the least if all in all comes out on draft day like that, I think we got a nice draft for the future but not so nice impact right now, which is what I want to see. I rather see impactful solid players for now and the next 10 yrs, vs project for 3 and impact for 10 yrs. That being said, I think the Pats should/need to come out with 4 impact players this year at least from this class. We have 4 top picks in 1st and 2nd, along with a 4th. A bunch of 6th and 7th. If we hit on 3 out of 5 of the 1st 5 picks and then 1 of the late ones(including a P) it should be a success.

        That being said, Odrick can be the pick at 22/28. In the 2nd, I'd hopefully think we can come out with a more complete edge 3-4 rusher. Sapp to me seems like a project in the 3-4 from what I've seen. Hopefully a guy like Hughes, etc slips. Then with the next pick I just don't see OG, I think they look WR/TE here and pick a playmaker for Brady. Depending who they like, Gronkowski could be the pick if he's there, and at WR maybe a Tate, Decker, etc. With the last pick, I still might look offense via WR/TE/HB(take out whatever is taken) and also maybe another OLB. I think this draft needs impact guys, and coming out with 3-4 DE, OLB, WR, TE/HB in 1st and 2nd rounds, I think that gives 4 immediate impacts depending on who is picked. In the later rounds, I can see them adding another WR and/or TE. If a HB isn't taken in round 2 then that will be addressed also. With the enormous amounts of 6ths and 7ths, I think we will grab a P and a number of OL. Maybe a QB also( if they like him). A guy to keep your eye on his Daniel Te'O Neshiem who could be a 5th or 6th round pick, and the Pats seem to have their eye on him, as a pass rusher in a 3-4. He reminds me of TBC not very good in coverage but a pure pass rusher with 10+ sack potential. Also I wouldn't rule out a guy like Brodie Eldridge from Oklahoma at TE, just because he is versitile, can play ST and be a nice blocking #3 TE and FB and also has experience at OG and C in college.

        All in All nice thoughts, just trying to share mine.


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          I think the Colts have proven you don't need to take a guy in the second to be a good WR. I think this Sanders kid is going to be great and could slide in right away. I don't like any of the first batch of TE's. They all have issues. To be honest, they need guys that can block first and foremost. The TE rarely gets used in the passing game between the 20's anymore. Inside, I think Crumpler will be fine for this year.

          This draft has some great mashers on the OLine and like I said, that is what Belichick is said to love. If I had to do it over, I would have done Kindle over Odrick but I don't know if I see Alualu as a big time starter. Like I said, hardly perfect, but I tried to slot guys as close to what they might be valued anyway...


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            3-4 end is a need but I will be pretty disappointed if we take two that early. I agree Odrick is probably the most logical pick in the first, but after that I don't really want us to look at any DL until later. Alualu seems like a guy who we would target due to his motor and versatility, but if we add Odrick we will be fine on the DL. Pryor gives pretty much anything we would get from Alualu I think anyways.

            Sapp would be a decent pickup, we need pass rushers desperately and he is a huge talent. I think he could be a better pro 3-4 OLB than college 4-3 end, but he is eerily similar to Crable in my opinion. If he puts it all together he could be special though.

            Asamoah is a great pick. We need OL help badly, especially inside. Neal played well last year, he is just old and oft-injured as you said so we can't really depend on him anymore. Giving a young talent a year to sit behind Neal and learn a little would be a huge plus too.

            The Norwood and Schoefield picks are great. I think both of those guys could maybe end up being better than Sapp, Norwood is a gamer who only lacks height. I saw him permanently rattle Jevan Snead this season firsthand, Snead was not the same all year after seeing Norwood in his face all day. Schoefield could have been a second rounder if he didn't hurt his knee in the senior bowl, I don't know what the severity of the injury is but I do know he is a great looking 3-4 OLB prospect with that production and explosiveness.

            Sam Young in the 7th would be a nice value as a developmental pick, he has the talent to start in the NFL the only thing he is just stiff. We have had a problem blocking pass rushers coming from our right for a few years, Young probably isn't a guy that would improve that in the future. If he is there in the 7th I wouldn't mind the pick at all though.

            I agree that RB is not as big of a need as some analysts believe, but I think adding a guy in the mid rounds is a good call. Dixon had a good year this year and I think he could carve out a niche in an NFL backfield, I would rather draft a third down type back than a power guy but Dixon would be a nice addition.

            Sanders and Hoomanawanui are nice value picks, we could use a TE and WR but we don't necessarily need them in the first two rounds. We could take them there, but we need defense and OL more than anything early.

            Nice job Jay, I like how all are needs we addressed I just really hope we don't take two 3-4 ends that early.


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              Love the mock, Jay. With Prior and Brace drafted last year- I don't think we need to bring in more then one more 34 DE.
              I love the Asamoah pick though. We definitely need a replacement at RG
              Too many developmental WRs for my liking but late in those rounds- who knows what we can pick up
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                I like that trade down to add an extra pick in such a stocked draft. I'm not a fan of two DE prospects either, though.

                Nix the QB late and add another TE since we have to add two in the draft so we're not going into the season with Crumpler and one rookie as our only depth there. Maybe Bynum or Harbor late?

                Love the great size at WR. That kid looks like an excellent project player.

                And how can you not love a dude named Zoltan Mesko? Yet another Michigan badass. lol

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                  Randolph!!! My gf goes to Holy cross, clearly this is another sign hell be a patriot.

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                  Jesse realizing Walt was Santa Claus could really shake things up.
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                  I don't know how old you are, but if you can get to 24/25 without getting arrested or killed, you've done well for yourself lol.


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                    Originally posted by Jvig43 View Post
                    Randolph!!! My gf goes to Holy cross, clearly this is another sign hell be a patriot.
                    Ha ha. Well I went out to eat last night and saw a guy wearing an Iowa Hawkeyes t-shirt and I don't live anywhere near Iowa. So clearly that means the Pats will draft A.J. Edds.
                    2012 Patriots Anti-Draft

                    1 - Anyone but Shea McClellin, Derek Wolfe, Peter Konz, Kendall Reyes, Harrison Smith, Whitney Mercilus or a RB

                    2 Anyone but McClellin, Wolfe, Doug Martin or an OT

                    3 Anyone but Wolfe



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                      Originally posted by TNPatsFan View Post
                      Ha ha. Well I went out to eat last night and saw a guy wearing an Iowa Hawkeyes t-shirt and I don't live anywhere near Iowa. So clearly that means the Pats will draft A.J. Edds.
                      That would be sweet. Edds is going to be a beast in the NFL!

                      Originally posted by ElectricEye
                      I'm a whiny little kunt. Feel sorry for me as I go masturbate to a picture of my mom dressed as a teletubby.



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