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  • Rookie Career Predictions

    Yes It's pretty much a crapshot, but one of us may be right someday lol.
    That and I'm bored as hell waiting for the preseason to start.

    Devin McCourty: Pro Bowler year 3. Franchised in year 6. Great Career.
    Rob Gronkowski: Productive Career, reliable tight end.
    Jermaine Cunningham: Solid, but not spectacular. Gone after contract expires.
    Brandon Spikes: Great fit in the defense, steady production, maybe a pro bowl season once or twice.
    Taylor Price: Becomes 3rd WR after this year, stays on as a steady contributor for 3-5 years.
    Aaron Hernandez: Bust.
    Zoltan Mesko: Pro Bowl Punter.
    Ted Larson: Cut after 2 years.
    Thomas Welch: Cut after next season.
    Brandon Deadarick: Sticks around for contract duration, resigned at minimum value, backup/STer.
    Kade Weston: Cut after this season.
    Zac Robinson: Practice Squad bound.

    Hopeful all of them are pro bowlers at some point though :)
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    I like them all. Not going to make an predictions, but I don't see Hernandez as any kind of bust. He's going to be an amazing weapon in red zone, goal line, and 5-spread formations.


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      predict draftees

      I think that Hernandez and Gronkowski will be solid to great.

      McCourty will be an average starting CB. (which is ok)

      Cunningham and Spikes will start for a few years each at most.

      Mesko will be an above average punter.

      The rest will be ok at best.


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        Gronk is going to do big things for us. Hopefully, gaaah i cant wait. Spikes is looking good, McCourty is doing very well for a rookie.

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          Gronkowski is averaging a touchdown per game so far. If that keeps up, he'll get 16 a game. Considering he's only playing half the games, he could get 2 per game if it continues, meaning he will set the NFL record at touchdowns.

          (Yea, I'm joking).
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