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Pictures and observations from camp Sunday

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  • Pictures and observations from camp Sunday

    So I was going down to Mansfield for a concert yesterday and figured I would swing through Foxboro for the afternoon practice and take some photos. I think they came out awesome and I took well over 400 and whittled them down, even deleting some that were good, just redundant. You can check them out here:

    I also posted some of my favorites below. Some observations from the practice:

    -Had no idea Adewale Ogunleye was there. Don't know which practice he worked out at.

    -Our wide receivers are going to be something special to watch. Welker looked insane, and the crowd was cheering him every time he touched the ball. Brandon Tate looked the best of the bunch, and I am dead serious. He was making some spectacular catches. Sam Aiken looks good in practice. I can see why there is appeal. Torry Holt looked great. I couldn't even believe he was standing there in a Patriots uniform. Edelman looks so much more confident and matched Welker step for step. Didn't notice Taylor Price very much, but #13 looked really good. He really stood out. Don't feel like impressing anyone by claiming I know who that was. #10 looked solid too.

    -They seemed to all work from their specific positions. Moss, Holt and Aiken all were pretty much working from Brady's left, although Moss shifted to the right from time to time. I saw a bunch of four wide sets that went Moss - Edelman - Brady - Welker - Tate. I think Brandon Tate is very clearly in the plans as the other outside guy.

    -Zoltan Mesko has a freaking BOOT. Wow. Dude can hammer it.

    -WR's were eating up the DB's. Wheatley was covering Holt a lot on drills behind Bodden. Meriweather was in a lot of WR coverage drills as well, not just covering TE's, but right up on the line in a CB slot.

    -Gronk is massive and looks really good. Hernandez looks kind of small comparatively. I don't think I saw Crumpler running in many receiving packages.

    -Brady gave Moss an earful at one point. Don't know what it was all about, but about 10 second earlier Moss had been clowning a little with the crowd very briefly. They were all calling his name and he just kind of turned and acknowledged them.

    -Spikes was running with the second team and on special teams. Cunningham looks very big. Didn't see much defense because they were on the second field most of the time.

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    Great stuff Jay thanks, I can't wait to see Tate this year. There's been a lot of talk about him so far and he is a guy who could really add another dimension to our offense. If we get any sort of running game going this year our offense is going to be insane.


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      Cool. Thanks for sharing the pics.

      Fingers crossed on Tate. He was touted as a likely 1st round pick prior to his injury. I love getting damaged goods on the cheap!

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        Seriously, ive heard nothing but greatness coming from Tate out of camp so far. Every thing ive read thus far has been him making insane catches, ive also heard a ton about price looking pretty good for a rookie. Pretty exciting, however, having our DBs getting owned all the time doesnt sound too promising. Tho between working with our offense and then the saints we should be good to go.

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          How much of the "DBs getting owned" is a matter of contact v. non-contact type practices? Aren't they usually expected to simply get up on the guy but not really break up plays or make contact at this point in camp?

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            Originally posted by FlyingElvis View Post
            How much of the "DBs getting owned" is a matter of contact v. non-contact type practices? Aren't they usually expected to simply get up on the guy but not really break up plays or make contact at this point in camp?
            You are very right. It's insanely hard to gouge the passing games overall performance at this point. Even in the 11 on 11, pass rushers tag the QB but allow him to make the throw generally.

            1 on 1s etc can show you the general ability of the defensive back, but until you see them working in tandem with a pass rush/zone coverage scheme, and understanding that scheme and their job, its really hard to tell.
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              I really have no idea how much stock you can put into it. Maybe the receivers are just that good. Maybe the DB's are lacking. It was just something that stood out.



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