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  • Responce to first preseason game

    I watched the Patriots and Saints duke it out, and wanted to get your opinions on how the Pats did in this game. They barely pulled out a late victory (Thank you Gostowski), and I want to know what everyone thinks about how our boys did.

    I think Tom Brady needed a drive to warm up, but after that, he was Tom Terrific we remember. Brian Hoyer was a splendid surprise, easily moving the football. Zac Robinson didnt do so well, but I assume he's still adjusting to the speed of the NFL.

    Only RB really stood out for me, Chris Taylor . The rest all had a couple good runs, but nothing spectacular. I think Green-Ellis looked better than Maroney in some ways.

    Who ISNT impressed with Julian Edelman's play? 6 catches 90 yards and good punt returning. This kid is something special. I dont know about you, but Darnell Jenkins' one catch was pretty amazing, but I have a feeling he's going to be another Terrence Nunn :/ Anyone else feeling a little skeptical about Holt? He hasnt practiced with the team in so long and obviously didnt play in the game. Didnt see much Gronkowski or Crumpler other than blocking, but Hernandez had three catches. Looking good.

    Our Oline, despite injuries and holdouts looked pretty good. I think Connoly stepped in nicely and did a good job. Im not so worried anymore.

    Our starting defence did a better job than I expected vs the SB champs. 3 n out on their first drive. I like Brandon Spikes. 3 tackles, 5 assists. Devin McCourty was good on kickoff returns. And I LOVED Sergio Brown's hit, resulting in the INT that won the game. I wanted to see a bit more of Dane Fletcher, who I was looking forward to seeing.

    It's obviously just the first game of the pre-season. but thats my initial reaction.
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    I wasn't able to watch the game but some of the reports I'm reading are good. I've read in multiple places that Spikes is the real deal, which is absolutely fantastic. Gerard Warren had a nice game too. Julian Edelman is really making things interesting. From what seemed to be a situation where we wouldn't know how the receiving corps would cope it now seems there is an abindance with him and Tate playing well and the TEs being prominent. There still seems to be questions at OLB, however Murrell is really making a strong case for a roster spot.

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      I was surprised that the pass rush looked ok during the first few three and outs the saints had. We looked good last night, I was pretty happy all around.

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        I wasn't impressed by Hoyer really and Zac Robinson was down-right abysmal (but I'm willing to give him time). Robinson will have to be a PS player this year if he wants any hope of sticking in the future. He had no sense of the rush and seemed to throw the ball into the DL.

        BJGE is a 1 cut runner so when the line opens up a hole, he should be more effective than Maroney who is more of a dancing back. Maroney would be better behind a DBS, but the Patriots tend to use a ZBS. They basically are two different backs and BJGE benefits from the Patriots OL.

        On that: The Patriots run blocking is vastly over-rated. It was improved in the red-zone though.

        Chris Taylor ran against scrubs mostly.

        The Patriots are STACKED at WR: Moss, Edelman, Welker, Tate, Price... I wish Torry Holt well in his retirement. Edelman flat embarrassed people last night. Darnell Jenkins is a burner who won't have much success in the Patriots offense. If he can't run the fly route correctly, he is basically a 1 trick pony and any decent DB at press coverage would neutralize him. I think he gets sent to the PS or just outright cut. He looked like a track star with the ball in his hands imo. Fast, but not sudden (Reggie Bush is sudden, Usain Bolt is fast).

        Aaron Hernandez didn't really get a fair shake because I only remember seeing two catches and neither were in good position to show off his skills. Lots of inerrant passes thrown his way.

        Brandon Spikes was a monster at ILB. I almost want to see him at OLB on 3rd downs to show off his pass rushing skills. I really hate worrying about his 40 time now.

        I hate to look too much into any one pre-season game, but this was impressive. It was the Saints and the first team offense did well against their first team defense. The first team defense did well also, but could do better.
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          I'm really looking forward to getting some more guys on the field like Cunningham.


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            I was pleasantly surprised last night.

            The D looked like a strong unit, with great play by both Murrell and G Warren. Spikes was always in great position, very impressive from a rookie. Thank BB for not giving a rat's ass about 40 times. Chung played great, showed off excellent athleticism and looks like he's poised to make a big leap in year 2. It's only one game, but this group blew away my expectations. Of course, my expectations were not exactly high. lol

            The O was equally impressive. Connelly was a stud, Vollmer did well and the 3 TE packages were a thing of beauty! The WR core looks to be studly, with Tate making great cuts and catches, Edelman as a standout, and Moss as . . . well . . . Moss. RB play will still be the big question mark for us. Though it's not really a bad question mark as we will have the same old game there. I'm still banking on Maroney but understand that it is probably simply homerish optimism. Brady & Hoyer both turned in solid performances.

            Best of the night: Edelman One word: WOW!

            Honorable mention:
            Connelly, Gronkowski (blocking great, if he can produce as a receiver he'll be awesome)
            Spikes, McCourtey, Chung, Murrell, G.Warren (two BB style cast offs turned studs? we can only hope . . . )

            Several no-shows (Holt, Cunnigham, etc.) Koppen, BJGE (love both, but Koppen is slowing down and BJGE has no burst or finish)

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              It'll be just a repeat of what you guys said but things I liked:

              -G.Warren holding down the LDE spot.
              -Murrell (Didn't he knew he was on the team but he impressed)
              -B.Spikes looks like a stud in the making
              -Edelman, obviously
              -Our OLine looked better than I thought with Mankins and Nick K out.
              -Triple TE sets. The potential is limitless.
              -Our ST returners: Something I've been bitching about for years. Slater's gone with McCourty and Edelman playing like they are
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