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    Originally posted by fontes View Post
    Defensive ends
    Robert Quinn DE 6'4⅝" 254 North Carolina 95 1 2 Not likely
    Allen Bailey DE 6'3" 287 Miami (FL) 93 2 9 maybe
    Cameron Heyward DE 6'5" 278 Ohio State 92 3 14 probably
    Adrian Clayborn DE 6'3" 285 Iowa 91 4 17 probably
    Ryan Kerrigan DE 6'4" 259 Purdue 90 5 28 probably
    Mark Herzlich OLB 6'4" 247 Boston College 92 1 11 maybe
    Travis Lewis OLB 6'2" 232 Oklahoma 91 2 18 probably
    Von Miller OLB 6'3" 238 Texas A&M 91 3 20 probably
    Bruce Carter OLB 6'3" 225 North Carolina 90 4 26 probably
    Nate Solder OT 6'8" 300 Colorado 93 1 8 Not likely
    Gabe Carimi OT 6'6" 318 Wisconsin 92 2 16 maybe
    Orlando Franklin OT 6'6⅜" 318 Miami (FL) 91 3 23 probably
    Anthony Castonzo OT 6'7" 295 Boston College 90 4 30 probably
    Mark Ingram RB 5'10" 215 Alabama 91 1 19 maybe
    Ryan Williams RB 5'10" 210 Virginia Tech 90 2 24 probably
    A.J. Green WR 6'4" 208 Georgia 94 1 4 Not likely
    Julio Jones WR 6'4" 211 Alabama 90 2 3 Not likely

    What do you think about these possibilities with the first two picks.

    The comments refer to availability
    I realistically think the bolded players, if available, would be the most likely of that list.

    A few on that list that need clarified

    Mark Herzlich-Love the story and going to BC obviously would make him an instant fan favourite, but he would be an ILB in the Pats scheme and that position is stacked.

    Travis Lewis/Bruce Carter-Once again wouldn't be able to play OLB in a 34

    Von Miller-Looks like he will be a DE playing OLB, ie he will be a stand up pass rusher and nothing more. If he can't show he can set the edge in the run game and also drop into coverage then he will be off the list.

    Mark Ingram-Ingram profiles as a pound it out workhorse type of back. I dont think the Patriots will be in the market for one of these. Williams is more of a do-it-all back and would be the choice of the two IMO.

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      I agree that they only go WR if there's a superior talent available.

      DE is the same way (though they may add a depth player later).

      G and C are big needs, so is OLB (even if it's just depth).


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        Lately I've been hoping that the Patriots would go for help on both sides of the line this year. Sebastian Vollmer is taking over for Matt Light at left tackle next year, but we don't have anyone we can count on to man the right tackle spot now, with Kaczur's career potentially in danger following back surgery. That's a very serious injury. Who knows if he can ever come back. Getting a strong right tackle would be a good idea in the first or second round.

        It seems like New England could potentially be interested in getting a center at some point as well. Dan Koppen and Tom Brady have a great rapport, but with more teams switching to a 3-4, Koppen's inability to handle massive nose tackles is becoming more and more costly for the offensive line and someone more physical would be appreciated. It seems as though New England intends on drafting someone here soon, as they have reportedly shown interest in first-round prospects Eric Wood and Maurkice Pouncey over the last two years.

        Even if Ron Brace is able to establish himself as a starter along the defensive line, we could still use an early pick (potentially a first-round pick) in order to find another starter at the five-technique. I'm expecting good things from Gerard Warren this year (call me crazy), but he is 32 years old and I think Mike Wright is going to have trouble playing the amount of snaps that a starter at defensive end should be playing.

        I don't think Belichick is going to want to address outside linebacker this year after signing Tully Banta-Cain to a surprisingly long extension and drafting Jermaine Cunningham in the second round this year. That could change, but I think he'll wait. He could potentially look at a running back - getting a young stud like a Mark Ingram could extend Tom Brady's career and help establish a consistent run game. New England could also look to a wide receiver if Randy Moss leaves the team, or an offensive guard if Neal retires and no one steps up this year.


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          DE definitely tops the list. T.Warren & G.Warren are both old enough to back up with a future starter. Even if Brace looks like he can take one side we'll still need the other side covered. Wright is a great "motor" guy, but if I'm an O-coordinator (or top QB that calls plays) I'm checking into a run play right at him every time he's on the field.

          Tully . . . well, he's Tully. Don't let the contract fool you. He gets it all this year (uncapped) and has a contract that makes him an easy cut at any time. When he's on the same side as Wright I'm absolutely checking to a run to their side, which is pretty much the case every time they're on the field together.

          O'Dowd, round 1. 20 - 30 (hopefully 32!) range in the draft sounds good for him, imo. I don't see any reason to take a RT before late round 2. Tony Washington is still waiting for a call . . . just sayin' . . .

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            a name i think the pats could draft in the mid to late rounds to watch for........ DE/OLB Justin Trattou (spelling) out of Florida.

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              Let's see how this changes after the Jets game.

              Priority Rating System:
              5 - Extreme (first round)
              4 - High
              3 - Normal (mid round)
              2 - Low
              1 - Late Round
              0 - None

              QB - 1
              Hoyer needs competition to push him (and will likely get it)

              RB - 5
              None signed passed 2010. Don't be surprised if our first two picks are RBs.

              #1 WR - 5
              Randy Moss won't be a big time threat much longer.

              WR - 0
              Have you seen our WRs???

              TE - 1
              Just special teamers

              OT - 3
              A RT would be nice to replace Vollmer when he moves to LT (after Light retires/is not resigned)

              OG/C - 3.5
              Mankins not coming back; Neal and Koppen often injured. Could use two mid round picks on the interior for depth or maybe a starter in the future.

              DE - 4.5
              The DL looked good in game one, but let's see it in game 2. I have a feeling this group still is a very big need. A top DE could vastly improve this defense in all aspects. *cough Clayborn cough*

              NT - 2
              Not a big need, but our DTs are transitioning slow (normal actually, but it feels slow)

              OLB - 4.9
              Uhh... yea, this is self explanatory.

              ILB - 0
              Spikes, Mayo, Fletcher, and Guyton = best ILB core in the NFL.

              S - 0
              Chung, Meriweather, Sanders, and whoever = top tier safety group

              CB - 1
              I love McCourty and Butler and like the flashes from Wheatley, plus Bodden coming back makes this a low priority, but they could use someone to push Wheatley.

              ST - 0
              K - 0
              P - 0
              Our special teams just needs time to grow up some.
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                OLB - ninkovich is a practice squad player, and TBC cant defend the run
                WR - only if moss leaves
                DE - only if the value is there. I wouldnt reach though. We have T.Warren, G.Warren, Brace, Pryor, and Wright.
                RB - huge need, luckily RBs are dime a dozen and easily found


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                  I wouldn't pass on Marcel Dareus (either first round pick), and I might take a shot at Bailey (2nd first round pick)... Other than that, I think they can abstain from DE in the first round for other positions.


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                    Lately I've been drooling over LaMichael James. Once again he dominated last night and I think I might want to have his children. I also (maybe, not sure yet though) think that he could have a better NFL career than Ingram since he has better long speed. I'd love for us to take him if he declares, he's a RS sophomore iirc.

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                      I'm just taking this here, no reason to hi-jack the mock draft thread.

                      Originally posted by AntoinCD View Post
                      With each passing game im getting more and more comfortable with BJGE getting 15 carries a game. Bring Kevin Faulk back(hopefully), develop Woodhead who has looked exciting, and it looks as though RB could be further down the list of needs.

                      It's hard to tell with this team at the moment. Last night I would have said the biggest need was DE as Wilfork had to play out of position, but then if you think of the young talent still learning at the position, plus Ty Warren coming back then it's not as pressing. At OLB Cunningham looks like a real solid player across the board against the run and the pass, TBC is a good pass rusher but an top player could be used there(despite Ninkovich's career game).

                      Im actually starting to lean towards offensive line early and unless a true difference maker at OLB or WR is available I wouldn't mind taking Castonzo or Love early. This will more than likely be the case if the Raiders pick up a few wins though.

                      In saying that I like this draft and if I would make one slight change it would be Quinn instead of Ingram.
                      I just watching the game right now (2 minutes left in the fourth quarter) and I really like how Law Firm is running the ball. I'd still love to get a dynamic runner like James, Ingram or Williams, but I think RB is less of a need for us now than it was four weeks ago. But still, I'd love to get a RB early in the draft and re-sign Law Firm.

                      Originally posted by ElectricEye
                      I'm a whiny little kunt. Feel sorry for me as I go masturbate to a picture of my mom dressed as a teletubby.


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                        I think we all appreciate what BJGE brings to the table. But the only reason we don't want more is because we're so used to doing it with average +/- ancient RBs. This offense would be monsterous with a do-it-all stud. It's also safe to say we must add RB depth anyway since we can't make it through a season w/out two of them getting injured along the way.

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                          What do you guys think of Bowers the Clemson DE? He is more of a 4-3 guy probably but I would love to have him on our squad, he is a crazy physical talent who really can get to the QB. He doesn't really look like a 3-4 OLB, but I think he could be a McGinnest type of player.


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                            If we went with RB would you guys be opposed to Ingram?

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                              Originally posted by Jvig43 View Post
                              If we went with RB would you guys be opposed to Ingram?
                              I am a guy who has been preaching for front 7 help for 3 years, but if we take a RB early, I want Ingram. I think he could be an absolute stud in the NFL.


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                                I like Ingram, but I think I'd be more in favor of targetting someone else there and target a different RB a bit later. There are a lot of good ones that will be available.



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