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    Age: 19 soon

    Location: Miami, Florida

    How did you become a Pats fan: Dad grew up in New England; Boston and New Hampshire.

    Ever been to a game(how many): I've been to one preseason game and two regular season games. No Pats games.

    Favourite Player: too many to name. Meriweather, Spikes, Page, Mesko, Edelman, Woodhead, Butler, McCourty, Pryor, Brady, and Gronkowski. Out of all of those, probably Woodhead.

    Draft pick you loved who busted: Maroney, I remember when we drafted him hearing one of the draft guys one ESPN saying he could be better than Reggie Bush. He just couldn't run like he did in college.


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      Age older than dirt

      Location Seattle Wa. Spent first 29 years living in Lowell Mass.

      Became a Pat's fan Was a season ticket holder starting in the early 70s when the team moved to Foxboro from Boston.

      Favorite alltime Pats Russ Francis, Sam Cunningham, John Hannah, Mike Haynes, Craig James, Tom Brady


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        Age: 33, my god, am I the oldest one on here?

        Location: Lawrence, Kansas

        How did you become a Pats fan: 2 events brought me to be a Patriots fan. 1st was back in 1988 my friend and his whole family were huge colts fans and I was at there house as they were watching a Colts/Pats game, Patriots won, felt good to rub it in. That same year, visited family out in Jersey, as an 11 year old, I was impressionable and their whole house was filled with Pats stuff, became a fan that day, Red Sox too.
        Ever been to a game(how many): Sadly, no. I was supposed to go to the Bears game this year, but the people I was supposed to go with chickened out.

        Favourite Player: Early on it was Ben Coates for me, then it was Willie McGinest, Mike Vrabel and now I really like Mayo, Spikes and Gronk.

        Draft pick you loved who busted: Ellis Hobbs has to be for me. As an Iowa State Grad who got to know Hobbs through a class we had together, he was a really nice guy and I will never forget the high I got when he was drafted. He started out with promise but it never really clicked for him, still makes me sad to this day.
        Good or bad, always a cyclone fan


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          Originally posted by luckyjackaubrey View Post
          AGE: 42

          LOCATION: New Jersey

          HOW DID YOU BECOME A PATS FAN: I grew up on the North Shore of Boston and lived in New England until I was foolish enough to marry a Jersey girl at the age of 27. My first sports memories were the '75 world series and the '76 wild card game against the Raiders. I will trade the tuck rule for the roughing the passer call any day.

          EVER BEEN TO A GAME (HOW MANY): I went to few in Sullivan stadium when we were TERRIBLE. Froze my butt off watching us suck with the likes of Tommy Hodson and Hugh Millen at QB. Always loved them though.

          Favorite Player: I have my favorites from this era - Brady, Bruschi, Vrabel, Givens, but old time favorites include Steve Grogan, Andy Johson, Julius Adams and John Hannah.

          Draft Pick you Loved that Busted: So many to choose from. I SO wanted Matt Cavanaugh to be the QB of my youth but Grogan just never let it happen. Hart Lee Dykes should have been Randy Moss before Randy was out of diapers but he broke his leg every time you turned around.
          Good to see someone else in here that isnt still in school. North shore as in where?


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            Born in Beverly. Lived in Hamilton. Went to St John's Prep for High School. Umass Amherst for College. You live up that way?


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              hey new pats fans! dont be afraid to post and make your thoughts known!

              Thanks to BoneKrusher for this amazing sig!

              Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!


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                Originally posted by luckyjackaubrey View Post
                Born in Beverly. Lived in Hamilton. Went to St John's Prep for High School. Umass Amherst for College. You live up that way?
                Grew up in Lowell but havent lived back there for several years, was just back in May for a funeral, things dont change much.

                Worked for Ma Bell back there, worked all the towns along 128. Peabody, Salem, Lynn....Go Pats!


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                  Hey hey hey... I'm only in school bc I took the long route to college.
                  Eight years of service and then it took a rare acceptance to a commissioning program to get in college now.
                  I'm still a baby to you 60's babies though
                  -Boston Red Sox-New England Patriots-Boston Celtics-



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