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  • Patriots 2011 Mock Draft

    This thread is basically where we can write how the draft is gonna turn out for the Pats and discuss others mock.
    I hope it can start some nice discussions and entertain us until the real draft comes around.

    Here is mine. I'm only doing the first three round because to be honest, i don't know enough about college football and since I have yet to read scouting report on the later round prospects, I won't just write BS.

    a) DE/OLB Missouri Aldon Smith; I'm really starting to doubt he will still be available @17, but if he is I see him as a perfect fit at ROLB opposite to Cunningham. He is still raw, but he has a lot of potential and he could finally help the team solve its pass rushing problem. Cam Jordan is the other option here.
    b) DE Temple Muhammad Wilkerson; The Patriots definetely need another base DE to plug alongside Wilfork and Warren. Wilkerson is strong against the run and sheds block really well. Our whole defense has taken a step back since Seymour was traded to Oakland and even though Wilkerson is no Seymour, he is a very good player on his own.
    a) DE Miami Allen Bailey; He really has tremendous potential and even though he did not play up to it in college, I think part of it can be attributed to the level of coaching there. With the installation of the spread offense in the NFL, the dime defense is becoming even more important and Bailey could play on the D-line in those situations. The athletism he showed at the combine and his background as a LB make me think he could play the Elephant as once did McGinest. I know we have a number of DL already in the line-up but with a lot of them have been injury prone the last couples of years.
    b) C/G Penn State Stefen Wisniewski; He really fits the profile of interior lineman Belichick tends to put on the field. He's a smart solid player with a lot of experience against top competition and he could be plugged in at RG right away until Koppen retires.
    a) RB Oklahoma DeMarco Murray; I really loved the way he impacted games in many ways at Oklahoma. Versatility is always a premium with the Patriots and I see him developping as a solid starter comparable to a Matt Forte type player. Woodhead and Green-Ellis are good player, but none of they are better suited in a complementary role. As we saw against the Jets, Green-Ellis is too one-dimensional to be the featured back.
    b) WR NC State Greg Little; A very talented player with a bit of history, he's sort of a boom or bust type of guy. However, he's that big bodied WR we've been missing and he's fast enough to run deep routes. He's also suprisingly agile and good at gaining yards after the catch.

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    Way too many risky picks for my liking. When the safest pick there is Muhammed Wilkerson I wouldn't be too comfortable. Im also not liking only Wis along the offensive line. Id rather have two offensive linemen than two DEs.

    Love Smith and Wilkerson in the first.
    Bailey is too risky, especially with DE already taken and Wisniewski is solied.
    Murray is a guy who never stayed healthy in college but has high upside and Little has tremendous potential but serious question marks.

    Aldon Smith is a risk. Allen Bailey is a risk. Murray and Little are both risks. I would not be confident that even two of them would pan out.

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      Greg little is a waste of a roster spot. (He's an UNC player, not an NC State player.) If we draft someone, they need to be a day 1 contributor, not a project. We have that in Taylor Price.

      Allen Bailey will get dominated in the NFL with his sucky ability to get off the ball.

      edit: I never loved DeMarco Murray. I think we'd be better off getting just another guy late in the draft than Murray.

      The rest of the picks are very solid though. Wis won't make it past the Raiders in the second, reportedly.
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        If the Pats don't feel strongly enough to take Bailey in the first, he's probably not worth it until the 3rd or 4th. He's a guy that really doesn't have a position. He could end up anywhere from the Jarvis Green role to OLB in the Pats' system. That's cool, but they have some other big needs.

        The first round is OK.

        I'd like to see some sort of OT in the first 3 rounds. I like Murray a lot. He brings enough different things to the offense that he'd work well with BJGE and Woody (and Faulk). Little would normally be worth the risk, but he's not obviously better than Price, who popped on the screen in the last game and the Pats don't have room for another redshirt WR.



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