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  • I'll assume you meant Eric Moore, and yeah, I agree. There's going to be an odd man out there somehow. We just don't know who it is yet. I could easily buy it being him, despite how well he played.

    R.I.P. Junior Seau


    • Eric Moore. He was the only edge guy with size who could put any pressure on that we had last year, now we have a few. He did look good last year but I could see him being snipped and he's another guy the Jets would want.


      • i will say i am much more excited about our defense than i was a few weeks ago. we were all killing this team after the draft for not addressing DE and OLB... but BB clearly wants veterans in these positions and got a bunch of guys on the cheap who could make an impact.

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        • Originally posted by proshoota25 View Post
          its nice signing all these guys, but we really are gunna have to make some tough cuts. itll be even harder since we will be carrying an extra QB and WR, most likely, with a crop of RBs. i have no idea what we are gunna do when it comes to this
          Yeah it's gonna be interesting to watch over the preseason. For what its worth, NE PatriotsDraft said over twitter that he expects that they cut Brace, Anderson, Pryor and Wright. I would be surprised if they all got cut.

          If Brace hasn't improved he could be a good candidate.

          Anderson has shown already in TC that he can get after the passer but is a huge liability against the run. I think there is a roster spot between him, Carter and Eric Moore.

          Pryor and Wright are both interesting. Both are pretty big role players when healthy but neither have been healthy in a while. Haynesworth and Ellis give them the flexibility to cut either of these guys, although I wouldn't be too confident in going without at least one of them.

          Personally I see Deaderick as being in trouble. With his troubles internally with the team last year, plus the fact that he is no fit in a 43 leave his role with a serious question mark

          BoneKrusher killing it with the sig


          • Here's my guess at the final roster:

            53-man roster:

            1. QB Tom Brady
            2. QB Brian Hoyer
            3. QB Ryan Mallett

            All of these three should be locks to make the final roster.

            4. RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis
            5. RB Stevan Ridley
            6. RB Shane Vereen
            7. RB Danny Woodhead

            Again, I think all of these guys are assured of a roster spot. I could see one of Faulk/Morris making it but I think a youth movement should be in order considering Ridley/Vereen are very similar to Morris/Faulk, respectively. I could see Eric Kettani landing on the practice squad.

            8. WR Deion Branch
            9. WR Julian Edelman
            10. WR Chad Ochocinco
            11. WR Taylor Price
            12. WR Brandon Tate
            13. WR Wes Welker

            It was tough to cut Matthew Slater, but Taylor Price has been impressive in camp, so I'd go with him. Tyree Barnes could challenge for a practice squad spot.

            14. TE Rob Gronkowski
            15. TE Aaron Hernandez
            16. TE Lee Smith

            I don't see Alge Crumpler returning, but Lee Smith should be able to handle his duties.

            17. OT Matt Light
            18. OT Nate Solder
            19. OT Sebastian Vollmer

            Mark LeVoir is a possibility, but I'd just go with Light and Vollmer as the starters and Solder as the swing backup to save a roster spot. This is a position where I'd invest at least one practice squad spot.

            20. OG Dan Connolly
            21. OG Logan Mankins

            22. C Dan Koppen
            23. C Ryan Wendell

            Decided to comment on these both together - not a lot of depth, with Wendell as the swing backup between guard and center, but I did commit a practice squad spot to a guard/tackle tweener.

            24. DE Mark Anderson
            25. DE Andre Carter
            26. DE Markell Carter
            27. DE Jermaine Cunningham
            28. DE Shaun Ellis
            29. DE Eric Moore

            The pass rush is a big question mark so I think the Patriots invest heavily in guys and let them rotate, hoping to ride the hot hand at any given time.

            30. DT Ron Brace
            31. DT Albert Haynesworth
            32. DT Kyle Love
            33. DT Myron Pryor
            34. DT Vince Wilfork
            35. DT Mike Wright

            Brandon Deaderick was a tough cut, but if we are using more 4-3 looks I think he might be the odd man out. I'd rather retain Ron Brace based on the improvement he showed last year, whereas Deaderick was briefly suspended.

            36. LB Dane Fletcher
            37. LB Gary Guyton
            38. LB Jerod Mayo
            39. LB Rob Ninkovich
            40. LB Brandon Spikes
            41. LB Jeff Tarpinian

            I have Tarpinian as the UDFA who makes the final roster - I tried to find a spot for one of the pass rushers but there were already too many guys there, so I am projecting Tracy White to be released and Tarpinian to take over his spot on special teams.

            42. CB Kyle Arrington
            43. CB Leigh Bodden
            44. CB Darius Butler
            45. CB Ras-I Dowling
            46. CB Devin McCourty

            Jonathan Wilhite is finally pushed out of a roster spot. I think these five represent the best option for New England.

            47. S Josh Barrett
            48. S Patrick Chung
            49. S Brandon Meriweather
            50. S James Sanders

            Meriweather or possibly Josh Barrett could easily be replaced with Dashon Goldson, should he sign in the next few days. Sergio Brown was a consideration as well, but I feel like Belichick wants a rover, so I went with Barrett.

            51. K Stephen Gostkowski
            52. P Zoltan Mesko
            53. LS Matt Katula

            Injured reserve/PUP:

            1. OT Marcus Cannon
            2. OT Kyle Hix
            3. LB Ryan Coulson
            4. LB Anthony Leonard

            Practice squad:

            1. WR Jeremy Ross
            2. TE Will Yeatman
            3. OT Steve Maneri
            4. OG Thomas Austin
            5. DE Aaron Lavarias
            6. DE Clay Nurse
            7. DE Alex Silvestro
            8. S Malcolm Williams

            Some really stiff competition for these spots. Also considered Eric Kettani, Tyree Barnes, Darryl Richard, Kade Weston.

            Missed the cut:

            1. RB Kevin Faulk
            2. RB Richard Medlin
            3. RB Sammy Morris
            4. FB Eric Kettani
            5. WR Tyree Barnes
            6. WR Buddy Farnham
            7. WR Darnell Jenkins
            8. WR Matthew Slater
            9. TE Carson Butler
            10. OT Mark LeVoir
            11. OT Corey Woods
            12. OG Rich Ohrnberger
            13. C Jonathan Compas
            14. C Chris Morris
            15. DE Landon Cohen
            16. DT Brandon Deaderick
            17. DT Darryl Richard
            18. DT Kade Weston
            19. DT Steve Williams
            20. LB Christian Cox
            21. LB Marques Murrell
            22. LB Tracy White
            23. CB Jonathan Wilhite
            24. S Sergio Brown
            25. S Bret Lockett
            26. S Brandon McGowan
            27. S Ross Ventrone
            28. K Chris Koepplin


            • ROP I like it, but personally I'd be scared if we went into the season with only 7 OL. I think we'd carry at least 8 with that last spot going to someone who could play T & G.


              • Goldson re-signed with San Fran


                • Originally posted by cmarq83 View Post
                  ROP I like it, but personally I'd be scared if we went into the season with only 7 OL. I think we'd carry at least 8 with that last spot going to someone who could play T & G.
                  I tried to keep the practice squad well-stocked in case someone went down, but the guy you're describing might be Thomas Austin, who I heard was doing a pretty nice job in camp and has experience at both spots.


                  • Waaaaay too many pass rushers. I'd project Andre Carter and Anderson to be cut. Markell is fringe. Barrett's not making the team, either (Brown is more likely).

                    So that's 4 spots cleared.

                    Instead, I'd project Ohrnberger or LeVoir (possibly Cannon - doubtful), Faulk, Slater, and Deaderick to stick around. I also think it's more likely they keep Deaderick than Love. Would also half-expect someone to come off the PUP later in the season and have one of the QBs go on the IR.


                    • Call me crazy, but I have a feeling that Wilhite could stick around...

                      Originally posted by ElectricEye
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                      • Not all that crazy. He's a good special teams player.


                        • nice call on tarpinian.... i think he makes it as a special teams wizard. only guy i dont like on there is josh barrett.... and replace him with an OL. To me, it looks like wayy too many bodys at DL, and we could be in trouble if we fall victim to injury at OL, CB, or S (after barrett is cut)

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                          • The Patriots have re-signed Gerard Warren. Thoughts?


                            • Like you said it means for competition but this veteran DL splurge is getting out of control. It is almost comical now.


                              • bill isnt ****ing around this year lol

                                Thanks to BoneKrusher for this amazing sig!

                                Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!



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