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What to do with Asante?

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  • What to do with Asante?

    Any thoughts on how this will play out. I doubt we'll ever see him in a Pats uniform ever again. I have a bad feeling on this one and Ithink we'll see something similar to what happened last year with Branch.

    Anyone else?

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    Tough call. On one hand the Pats have a track record of not giving in to $$ demands that strain their cap position. On the other you have the recent scenario with Branch and how the team overestimated its ability to overcome the loss of one contributor.

    Where the team came as close as it did last year and how it reacted to its shortcomings leads me to believe that BB has learned a valuable lesson. He has built a team to contend tis year. I do not think he will let Samuel's skill not be a factor in this season. Meaning he will try to pursuade him to play for the franchise amount, or trade him for an asset that would contribute this season. I would not expect a trade for a 2008 draft pick to satisfy .

    Best indications will be who is playing corner in camp. If t. James looks good and Hobbs is progressing, we may have no issue. If it is musical chairs and no one is taking the spot as his own, then you may see a trade pop up quick.


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      If he isn't going to stay we should trade him for either picks or another corner (Winfield) with draft picks if possible. We could probably get a first rounder for him from some team, that would be solid if he refuses to put on the Pats uniform and we don't give him the $$ he wants.


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        I think he'll end up playing in the end. If we can a really good deal for him, like say a starting corner and a first round pick, then I would do that. But that's pretty doubtful.

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