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Buc Depth Chart Released

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  • Buc Depth Chart Released

    I know TC isn't over but I just find it interesting to see how things are going at the moment.

    No super huge surprises however I found a few things interesting:
    • McCown is at #2 with Simms at #3.
    • Stovall starting over Clayton
    • Arron Sears at starting LG
    • Chukwurah and Haye both as starters

  • #2
    don't expect Adams to be behind Chukwurah for long.

    same tihng with Haye at starter, that won't last.

    Sears > Davis IMO anyway, so nothing wrong about that

    as long as Garcia does well, I don't care about who is back up.

    But I see an 8-8 finish in the cards
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